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  1. Hi Tudormasalar, This issue was either due to F28069m driver issue (Install proper drivers) or the SW1 for Jtag connection should be in ON condition (all three). Check the above methods, it will work. Regards Athieshkumar T
  2. Hi Trido, I think you are using the same variable without storing the value in any buffer, it means that you are taking feedback of output and using the output as an input instantaneously. That's why you are getting algebraic loop. Just add a unit delay block in between Output & Input and the model runs. Thanks & Regards Athieshkumar T
  3. Step 1:Click on Project>> new CCS project Step 2: Select the linker command file in General tab(C:\sTEmbed2017\cg\Lib\F28377Slnk.cmd) Step 3: Click on compiler and under include options tab add the path for visSim libraries C:\visSim90\cg\include C:\VisSim90\vsdk\INCLUDE Step 4: Click on advance options >> predefined symbols and add the following _DSP _F28XX_ _F280X_ _LAUNCHXL_F28377S Step 5: Click on C2000 linker tab>> File search path Add the below path in “Include library file or command file as input” C:\VisSim90\cg\lib\ii_F280X_fpu.lib Add the below paths in “Add <dir> to library search path” C:\visSim90\cg\include C:\visSim90\cg Step 6: Copy the C code generated in sT Embed to C file in CCS Step 7: Build the project and debug it Note : Also find the attached Zip file for full project developed in CCS 6.1 F28377s VisSim C-Code.zip
  4. Hi Pratheeksha, The download error is due to two reasons. Reason 1: Check two CTS switches in your launchpad named CTS and CTS 204-3 (bootable mode). Both the swithches are in ON position i.e., UP (near to 204-211 and 1, 2, 3). Check for Blue colored marking. Reason 2: Check Clock source in F28027 configuration block, it should be Internal Oscillator 1. If it is external oscillator/external crystal. change it won't work. Check Blue colored box. Reason 3: Check Target in Tools --> Code Gen --> Code Generation properties as "F280x" and if it is there, the system automatically takes Subtarget as "F28027" If you still find difficulty. Post it here. Thanks & Regards Athieshkumar T - The Great
  5. Hi Pratheeksha, The sT Embed compiler is unable to find C2000 driver installation path. Its very simple to rectify the above said problem. Please follow the steps mentioned below for solving the issue. Step 1: Go to CCS installation folder and find C2000 compiler path, usually you will find the path as "C:\ti\ccsv6\tools\compiler\c6000_7.4.12". Copy this path without quotes. See below image for more info Step 2: Go to sT Embed installation folder and find the "cg folder", usually the path is "C:\sTEmbed2017\cg". Search for "dosrun28.bat" file. See below image for more info. Step 3: Paste the above mentioned CCS C2000 compiler path in that batch file under "set CG5DIR=". Save and close the batch file. See below image for more info. Now you can run sT Embed without any errors. If you still find difficulty. Post it here. Thanks & Regards Athieshkumar T - The Great
  6. Hi Peter, As of now there is no option to assemble the jumbled toolbars. We need to wait for this option to be included in new releases.
  7. Hi Joseph, You did correct only. But, check the frequency of both square waves are 1 Hz and delay of First square wave is Zero and Second square wave is 1 sec. The square wave block always produce a wave with 50% duty cycle. It means that, both the waveforms are on for 0.5 sec and off for 0.5 sec. If you want a square wave amplitude range from 1 to -1, then you need to change the delay to 0.5 sec instead of 1 sec. The above approach is not a right one, because, at starting the square wave looks like an amplitude of 0 to 1. Please check the below figure for reference (Observe 0 to 1 sec in plot). Instead of adding two square waves with a delay of 50% Frequency. Use the below method. In this method, I used a sinusoid block whose output is connected to a relay (available in Non-Linear Blocks) and connect its output to Plot block. Please check this below figure for your reference, by eliminating the above problem. Thanks & Regards Athieshkumar T
  8. How to implement 74HC595 shift register in sT Embed, so that my output is 10100000. How the DATA, CLOCK & LATCH pins are configured?
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