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  1. Thank you so much for your quick reply Mr.Q.Nguyen-Dai. I tried converted STEP and CAT files but they were bigger (145-150Mb each) But I found the solution to the problem in a similar fashion .. I exported from OSSmooth to STL and it turns out it is only 1.6 Mb !! It also exports a solid instead of a surface (as in .iges), which is so much easier to modify in Inventor Pro. Thank you all and have a nice day
  2. Hello all, I exported a topology result using OSSmooth as an IGES file and it is freaking big (67Mb!).. My student copy of Inventor Pro 2013 cannot handle the file size and keeps hangs with the slightest action (even rotating the model!)..(Iv got a decent laptop config so that not an issue - Dell XPS L502X 8GB RAM i7-2670QM @2.2 GHz) Can someone help me how I can export a smaller, easier to handle .iges file that Inventor will be happy with? Thanks Sooo Much
  3. Guys, I was told by someone that this error apparently is a software & mesh problem. Usually caused by using the same model on a number of different computers and the advice I was given was to restart the meshing or the model fresh on a single station… I tried redoing the mesh and the error was gone
  4. Can someone please help me troubleshoot this error? I am new to Hypermesh and do not know how to locate the problem here.Kindly see the picture attached for more details. Thanks PS: I notice that it occurs when I update a topology design variable to have minimum member size of 1. Without this update the file gives me a result (only problem being an abrupt and incomplete topology result). I thought the missing minmember size was the problem so i update that but this causes the programming error #192. Tried changing into a higher minmum member size. doesn't work.
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