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  1. Hello Tinh, we am really happy for your response. we need HM toolbars, script to measure thickness of CAD geom and assign to FE comp! here my mail id to drop it ravinderdme@gmail.com Thank you in advance!
  2. Hello Tinh, I am really happy for your response. Hm 2019 toolbars may be better but we still using old version like hm 14 and hm 17 as stable versions. Kindly share with us it will be more and more useful. Rather than keeping them calm, we wanted to use it fully and efficiently. Hope you help us with your scripts. here my mail id to drop it ravinderdme@gmail.com Thank you in advance!
  3. Hello tinh, How can i access you valuable scripts! Thing is like without using anything! How it is! Hope you reply and help us with your efforts. Please share here ravinderdme@gmail.com Thank you.
  4. Hi tinh, I am eagerly waiting for this toolbar script. could you please share this macro with me? It looks very interesting.Thank you in advance
  5. Hi hugo Please can u share us the tcl script. It will be useful for many users.... Thank you in advance!
  6. Hello tinh, Please send us, your valuable site information to get your awesome scripts. Hope you reply soon! Thank you.
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