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  1. Dear all, I have a question regarding the output of optional responses. I would like to have optional responses like Comp/volFrac/Mass/Stress/... in the output file, even if they are not constraint. I know that I have to use resprint to have all constraint responses in the output and dreport for not constraint responses. But I can not find a really good description of how to use dreport. Do I have to use rebsub in the subcases? Why do I get an error sometimes? I already used dreport and it worked out but not for all responses. So could you give me a desription of how to use dreport just to make sure I have no mistake in my modell? And could someone tell me how to specifie a response "above" the first subcase!? Best regards!
  2. I am doing a "normal" topology optimization.
  3. Hi Prakash, I am surching for a way to see the surface directly in the output file (or something else) without any post-processing of the optimization results. Somehow like an unconstraint response. I need it as a classification number for results. Best regards!
  4. Hello together, I just want to ask if you know a way do get the outer surface in mm² (or sth. else) of an optimization result. Thanks in advance!
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