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  1. You may try weld from lines(feature lines), if there are any in that region. Otherwise, these are not supported. you might have to explicitly create a solid weld in such cases.
  2. Hi Soham, SimSolid currently doesn't have this capability. You may bookmark results to switch between various loadcases and export the results to a csv file at few points of interest. Thanks, Girish
  3. Hi Alessio, Currently, SimSolid only supports static stiffness for bushing elements. Output of velocity.acceleration will be available in our next release. Girish
  4. This is not supported yet in SimSolid.
  5. SimSolid doesn't run the solution until convergence is achieved, it runs the solution for the user defined number of adaptive passes. Did you use 'adapt to features' and/or 'adapt to thin solids'? That should help get better stress results.
  6. Unfortunately, no way to disable it. You can work with local support team to have this request sent to development.
  7. It is just a warning, you can ignore it if you would like to include all those parts. SimSolid should be able to run the analysis.
  8. Please create below environment variable and see if it fixes the issue, if not, you might have to work with your IT team to set proxy settings. ALM_HHWU_USE_WININET=1
  9. Please try the latest 2019.2.1 release. We fixed a bug related to FRF.
  10. Hi Amir, Currently, only surface stresses can be plotted. Internal stresses are not available at this point. Thanks, Girish
  11. Hi Mateusz, Can you confirm if you are using 2019.2 version of SimSolid?
  12. FRF response is normalized to the input. If you are using modal frf, eigenvectors are normalized to mass by default. But that can be changed in EIGRL card.
  13. Hi Vaupel, If automatic re-meshing doesn't work, you could simply import the .grid file. Fix all the failed elements and restart optimization. Girish
  14. Hi Alexander, Check your DTPG card, its missing bead params. Please add them and re-run. Girish
  15. Adrien, OptiStruct does not yet support PCOMP for large displacement analysis. The only alternative is to run it using RADIOSS for now. Girish
  16. If i understand your question correctly, you are doing shape optimization and would like to see the optimized shape. You could use hyperview to load the *_des.h3d file to view shape change. you can also use OSSMOOTH in hypermesh to create a geometry file/ fem file for re-analysis. For FE re-analysis, you could also simply import the *.grid file into HM.
  17. which version of OS are you using? Please use the latest version to run nonlinear implicit analysis, Also use ANALYSIS= NLSTAT and define NLPARM. OS doesn't support NLGEOM or IMPDYN anymore. Check below section in user's guide for more details: http://www.altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/hw14.0/help/hwsolvers/hwsolvers.htm?nonlinear_quasistatic_analysis.htm
  18. OS doesn't support axisymmetric elements for nonlinear analysis yet. Also CTRIAX6 doesn't need a property card. Material ID can directly be assigned to the element.
  19. Hi Meera, As the error mentioned, please check for any RBM. Make sure you constrained all degrees of freedom.
  20. Hi, try connecting the web and the lug using CGAPG elements. You can force interference fit by assigning a negative initial gap opening on pgap. Finally run an NLSTAT analysis.
  21. Try PLOADX1 instead of PLOAD. PLOADX1 is used to apply pressure load on axisymmetric element.
  22. Hi Alessio, You can use FATEVNT/FATSEQ to do that. Below is a tutorial. http://www.altairhyperworks.com/hwhelp/Altair/hw14.0/help/hwsolvers/hwsolvers.htm?rd2070.htm Girish
  23. Hi Alexander, Look at your linear static results and make sure you see some displacements, if not, check your load step and make sure you assigned the loads correctly. Girish
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