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  1. Hi, Yes, this is what I meant. I don't understand where is the field "D" in my SPC entry. And i don't understand why I'm supposed to change the *SPC* whereas I want to have a sequence of *loads*. Thank you!
  2. Hi, I would like to apply 3 loads one after the other, using the diplasement obtained previously. Ho can I proceed? I tried to use CNTNLSUB in the Analysis, but each load is solved regardless the one before. My simulations are non-linear quasi-static. Thanks!
  3. I still don't understand how you plot the pressure vs displacement. When I want to use XY plot I don't find the pressure in my data; and with your method I don't see how to import my data ..
  4. Hi, Where is the Math Menu in HyperGraph? I can't find it
  5. Hi, I would like to model a water flow in a structure. How can I proceed? Do I necessarily have to use Acusolve? The idea would be to determine the water output. Thanks
  6. Hi, I would like to model a water flow in a structure. How can I proceed? Do I necessarily have to use Acusolve? The idea would be to determine the water output. Thanks
  7. Hi, My model has a loading pressure applied on one of the surface. I incremented this pressure using NLPARM (NINC 10). I would like to plot the pressure vs displacement, how can I proceed? I selected displacement, strain, stress, and pressure in the control card Global Output Request, but in my h3d output plot, only the strain, stress and displacement appear when I want to plot in HyperGraph.. Thanks, Lisa
  8. Thanks! Where can I find the masscalc option?
  9. Hi, After doing my simulations on hypermesh, I would like to measure the variation of volume of my structure before and after the pressure applied inside. How can I proceed? Thanks, Lisa
  10. Hi Prakash, How can I share my model? Concerning the SPCs, is it possible to " Goto Organize panel (SHift+F11 or Tools page>> Organize) select SPC and destination load collector, Click Move. " ? I found this answer (yours) in the forum. Is it the same thing? Also, is it possible to apply constraints regarding the faces of the model and not the axis (dof1 to 6)? My model isn't well orientated, and my constraints are not applied correctly on the faces. Thanks, Lisa
  11. Thanks for your answer. I "made current" my solid, and used "volume tetra", it didn't create a second component and meshed properly. I tried again from the beginning to understand properly. I am still having issues : - when I want to create a solid from my 3D model (IGS file from solidworks), the error "No closed volume found" appears. I checked the free edges, and used "edge edit" to toggle red lines (that are green now). What is wrong? Is it a problem? - I also want to create 2 different constraints on my structure. Is it possible? In the load steps, I can choose only one "SPC" component. I also have a pressure ("load") on my model. Thank you so much, Lisa
  12. Hi, In the Hyperworks Help, I found that large displacement can be set with NLPARM : "The setup for the large displacement nonlinear static solution is as follows. 1. PARAM, LGDISP,1 is used to activate large displacement analysis for all subcases containing the NLPARM Subcase Information Entry in the model. Subcase-specific Large Displacement Analysis can be activated via NLPARM(LGDISP)=SID, wherein, SID references a NLPARM Bulk Data Entry." I don't understand what is "PARAM", but I tried with NLPARM, and I wasn't able to find the "LGDISP" using a MATHE material (as you can see on the picture). Where can I find the LGDISP for the large displacement? I am not working on a static model, so I am not using NLSTAT. Also, I have two different models to mesh. When I mesh one in 3D (using Volume tetra), an added component for the mesh appears. For the other model, no other component appears. So, I don't know what to think. Which one is correct? And why the other doesn't work? Thanks a lot for your help! Lisa
  13. Hi Prakash, Is the next version Student Edition coming soon? Also, is it possible to study large displacement with the Student Edition? Thanks for this tutorial, I will try it. And thanks for your answer!
  14. Hi everybody, I am new to Hyperworks, and I am working on a hyperelastic model. I found out that it is possible to use MATHE for the material, but with the Student Edition, I can't access to the Yeoh model, I only have the Mooney-Rivlin one. Is the Yeoh model accessible in the full 14.0 version? Also, why can’t I put the Young module when I use MATHE? I still tried with the Mooney-Rivlin model (first order), to check out the behavior of my model, but I was not sure of how to use the properties, load collectors, and loadsteps in this case. Here the steps I followed, could you tell me what you think and if it seems correct? • Material > Isotropic > MATHE (parameters: MOONEY, E=1,37MPa, nu=0,49, rho=1,08e-9(T/mm^3), C10=0.236, NA=1, ND= 0??) • Property > 3D > PSOLID • Assigned to object • 3D > Tetramesh > Volume tetra > Trias • Create Loadcollector > Constraints > NL_SPC • Create Loadcollector > Pressure > NL_LOAD > magnitude = 17,3e-3 MPa > select surf > PLOAD • Create Loadcollector > Constraints > NL_BOUNDARY > stop in y translation, and x, y ,z rotation I also don’t understand what is ND, and what I am supposed to put. In the analysis section, I don’t know which non-linear analysis I am supposed to choose. I am, for now, working on a static model, but in the future I will work on a dynamic one. To finish, what is NLPARM? I don’t understand how to use it. Is it for incremental loads? How to use it? And, how to be in large displacement? Thanks a lot for your help, Best regards, Lisa
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