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  1. Thank you Prakash, i mostly come across with such problems after bolt pretension and interference fit, according to your suggests i will retry the old models too.
  2. Hello dear, i am trying to perform a buckling analysis to rod, but before buckling, in the first step i need to perform interference fit, in the second step, i need to perform bolt pretension in the last step i need to do nonlinear Buckling, i did some operations but i am new for optistruct, after interference fit in the second step i come across with faulties so that the calculations stops can you please check the model? i updated the latest model that i use for calculation in the previous model, i had problems to start the second step after first step, i was performing interference fit but i had problem in the begging of bolt pretension so that i did changed the master - slave for bolting, then i got the latest version which i attached. in the attached model, i was able to start bolt pretension after interference fit but i came across with a problem, so that i am not sure if i have some problems in the defitions because i am new for using optistruct. i use Hypermesh 14.0.2 version thanks you so much run_2_N.fem run_2_N.out
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