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  1. what is the effect of penetration on fea result ?
  2. Visualize shell thickness in Hyperview is possible in HyperWorks 2017 version?
  3. no sir due to some reason i cannot share the model.
  4. How to give tie contact between T-juction in which one is solid and other is the shell.As shown in below diagram.I am getting error with this connection.
  5. I am getting this error NOTE # 9199 MSGLMT=STRICT is active, all messages will be printed. You can suppress some less important warning messages by use of MSGLMT=BRIEF or UNREF (in config file or in the input data). *** ERROR # 1762 *** Incorrect SET type for MSID on CONTACT 11. *** ERROR # 1762 *** Incorrect SET type for MSID on CONTACT 13. *** ERROR # 1762 *** Incorrect SET type for MSID on CONTACT 15. *** Errors with missing, incorrect or duplicate IDs found 3 times.
  6. solid to shell contact is possible with tie contact ?
  7. But by masking option it will not tell how well it is connected.i.e. it will mask even two component is connected by single element.
  8. Is a good habit to perform a modal analysis for connection check?Please suggest me some methods to check my connection in a large assembly consist of connectors, contact, and node merge and equivalence ?
  9. connections confuse me ?How to decide which one to take?
  10. ank

    Weld modelling

    how to perform welding between a shell and solid element?
  11. I wanted to apply pressure on a solid element component.
  12. How to apply time varying pressure load in radioss ?I wanted to apply a load on a surface which is time varying in nature.For the same i am applying in the form of pressure how to apply and what points need to take care ?
  13. density,yield stress,ultimate stress,young modulus,poisson ratio.
  14. How to give correct bearing connection ?If i do not want to have detail analysis of bearing ?
  15. if i do not have SN CURVE DATA what i can do ?
  16. what material property are required for fatigue analysis ?
  17. What is the meaning some of the results such as mass and node mass or density ? And what other things we should check in explicit analysis apart from what we need such as displacement and stress.
  18. How to give a function in curve editor. like e*x or some complex function. I have some result which i get from some experiment how to input it in system ?
  19. ank


    where to get these connector tutorials?please give me these tutorials. HM-3000: Creating 1-D Elements HM-3400: Creating Connectors HM-3410: Creating Area Connectors HM-3420: Creating Bolt Connectors HM-3430: Part Replacement Through Connectors HM-4020: Obtaining and Assigning Beam Cross-Section Properties using HyperBeam
  20. How to apply frictionless type contact in radioss ?
  21. How to perform adaptive meshing in radioss ?And what are the things we need to take care while performing adaptive meshing ?
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