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  1. What is the meaning and difference between stress(t) and vonmisess(s) ? As stress(t) only come with shell elements and its values are very high.Which I need to take for a stress analysis as i have assembly having both shell and solid elements?
  2. As I want to perform stress analysis on assembly having both shell and solid parts.What points should I need to keep in mind while performing stress analysis on an assembly having 1d,2d and 3d type elements?
  3. In the model, I am not getting stress on shell plate?As I want to perform stress analysis on assembly having both shell and solid parts .
  4. What changes are required?Is it is ok to connect 2d mesh and 3d mesh for stress analysis?
  5. i am getting the same error with the attached model .Please help me to solve it . SkinElementsExpt.hm
  6. I want to know rough estimation.
  7. How much time is required to simulate an explicit analysis ?Example a crash analysis with RAM of 4gb.
  8. effect of intersection on result ?
  9. What are material properties required for the fatigue analysis in HyperWorks?
  10. How i have to create the surface set? How to calculate the area on which the pressure is to be applied? In the following problem, blue colour block is fixed and 1000 Newton force is to apply on green block face as shown, I wanted to apply the force in form of pressure so that by using pressure*area=force i can apply force evenly on the surface without considering the mesh density variation.The load here is time varying 1000 is peak value. Thank you
  11. suppose i want to apply a pressure load on the non-uniform surface then how can calculate the area on which load is appiled?
  12. a steel beam with cyclic load with loading time in the millisecond?
  13. if my loading is in millisecond ?
  14. sir my loading is of short duration then how to perform fatigue analysis for the same ?
  15. In my case, I have an assembly and extending the surfaces between more than one part.
  16. how to peform fatigue analysis in radioss ?
  17. is spot weld is applicable only for shell mesh?
  18. I have 2 parts forming t section whose midsurface is extracted which creates gap between the parts,to overcome the same i extended the one surface and projected on other , after meshing nodes gets merged is their any need to define contact between the parts as i want to fix these parts ?
  19. How to perform Defeaturing on solid components ? any suggested videos or materials ?
  20. is it possible to join 3d mesh with spot weld joint? and how to connect a 2d mesh to a 3d mesh?
  21. I wanted to apply a load on a surface for which I want to calculate the surface area so that I can apply a pressure load on the surface instead of concentrated load ? Is pressure load applied is evenly distributed on the on surface or it is mesh or node dependent?
  22. Can i have a good viedo on how to apply tied contact and what things we need to consider during application of the same ?
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