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  1. what is metadata I have seen some APIs available but not sure how to use'em. It would be really helpful if you can share any sample scripts for understanding the concept. Thanks in advance. Regards, Brahmadev.
  2. Hello guys, Thanks for your response. Actually, the cscript was working perfectly, thing was I didn't keep a reference file as input for the VBS file because of which error has occurred. Thanks and regards, Brahmadev.
  3. Hey Roshan, thanks for the response.... Actually I won't be having permissions to access the CMD on my machine due to security.
  4. Yeah! That was my first step way before posting this question in the forum This was the exact set of code I have tried in TCL but it was of no help. So i was just wondering do I need to install any external packages !
  5. Hello Forum, How do we find the opposite edges of a given surface ? Let us say we have a "C" shaped curved channel, for which it has 4 sides of edges. Each side might contains at least 1 edge. So the least possible edges for a given surface is 4 and to find the opposite edge pairs (equal or unequal # of edges on side) when there are more than 4 edges for a given single surface. So, is there any API which to find this requirement ? Also for measuring the angle between a pair of lines ... Thanks and regards, Brahmadev.
  6. Hello Tinh, I just need to run a vbs script from tcl as we run notepad application from tcl i tried with Cscript/Wscript but it was not working
  7. Hello Forum! I have been working on a project where it involves working of VBS as well as TCL. And before running the main logic in the TCL I want to run the VBS file from TCL using EXEC command but it was throwing some kind of error. I have a constraint of not using the batch file to run both the scripts individually. When I did a search on the internet I found that CScript or Wscript should be helping but while working with this command, it was of no help. Can someone share the approach of solving this issue. thanks and regards, Brahmadev.
  8. Hi Livil, Actually I was trying to extract data only from the "HyerBeam". and I wanted to extract the data of all shell beam sections into a single CSV file using the script . Regards, Brahmadev.
  9. Hello Tinh, where did you find this command ? I have searched it in the reference manual but couldn't find it. Also, is there a way to directly export all the available shell section data as CSV format through the TCL script? thanks and regards, Brahmadev.
  10. Hello forum, I have been trying to capture the center line of any given pipe/tube. But I don't find any readily available API. So, how should I proceed so that I can create one for myself ? Regards, Brahmadev.
  11. Hi, I want to overlap two beam section in hyperbeam . Is it possible to overlap the beam section. I also want to know how we can turn off the thickness data on the generate beam sections in hyperbeam
  12. Dear Altair forum, I was trying to import two different .key files in single HM window but I needed these files to be imported as two separate models as in Primer. At the same time it should not affect the assigned IDs to different entities. Regards, Brahmadev.
  13. Woah thanks a lot tinh . This has helped me a lot. Regards, Brahmadev.
  14. Thanks for the clarification, Roberta... !! Regards, Brahmadev.
  15. So COMPOSE mostly deals with Post-processing itself right ? i.e. understanding of the results using the graphs and plots isn't ?
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