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  1. Hello Mr Rahul. Actually my analysis type is linear static analysis and my loading is cyclic loading because my model is automotive wheel rim. for this i am unable to find no of cycle vs load peak value (.cvs file) ,which is needed in FATDATA card image. For more detailed i am sharing to you tutorial .cvs data file, Please let me know how can i create .cvs file for my model. i am waiting for your valuable reply, Regards NOOR ALAM load1.csv load2.csv
  2. Hello everyone. i want to do fatigue analysis on our product using optistruct as a solver, my loading condition is sinusoidal, or cosine wave function, but i am not able create .cvs file (no of cycle vs load file) which is required in FATDATA cared image, please guide me how can i create the .cvs file (no of cycle vs load).and what formula used create the .cvs file. regards NOOR ALAM
  3. HI EVERYONE I AM DOING SIMPLE IMPACT PROBLEM USING TWO PLATE USING CONTACT B/W BOTH PLATE IS INTERFACE (TYPE 7).I CONSIDER ONE SLAVE AT WHICH I HAVE APPLIED INITIAL VELOCITY 100 MM/sec.Termination time is .4 sec.time step is 9.73e-7 sec (element size is 5 mm for steel mat).plate 1 have applied initial velocity and plate 2 size edge is fixed by spc. but i am getting this type of error.which is in below. ** ERROR IN INPUT FORMAT ERROR id : 266 INPUT VERSION 2018 IS NOT SUPPORTED .. BLOCK FREE FORMAT regards NOOR ALAM
  4. Hi Everyone i want to learn CFD Analysis .can anyone please share CFD theory manual which help cfd meshing as well analysis also using Hypermesh & ACUSOLVE. Regards NOOR ALAM
  5. hi Prakash i am simulating it without contact. 1.At first order tetra result is stress is 291.3 MPa. here (Hyperview averaging is none), but when i am set the averaging method advance the stress is suddenly reduced 204.5 MPa. 2.At second order tetra mesh the stress is 335.1 MPa.Here stress is same at averaging method None/Advanced in hyperview. my problem is involved with bending.
  6. Hello everyone Good morning i am doinig linear static analysis in optistruct. At first i have run it with first order tetra mesh then i have run it again with second order tetra mesh.i have get both result and both are different.can anyone suggest me, is first order tetra mesh give accurate value of stress(result) or second order tetra mesh. regard Noor Alam
  7. Hello Mr prakash. This is the tutorial id-OS-1340 & OS-1350 but i do not have the .hm/.fem file of this tutorial. can u plz send me this tutorial file. regard Noor Alam
  8. Hello Everyone. Good Morning i want to do fatiuge analysis tutorial practice in optistruct. but i do not have same .hm/.fem file for same tutorial.can anyone plz give me these file for low cycle and high cycle faituge analysis tutorial. i am waiting for your response. regard Noor Alam
  9. Hi Everyone Is it possibility of fatigue analysis in optistruct. if possible please help me by tutorial and fatigue analysis user guide. Regards Noor Alam
  10. Hi Everyone i am doing pretension test in optistruct, and i have applied torque on nut using moment card.i have applied contact between nut(master) and another surface where i want to simulate the result(slave).but in optistruct contact interface there is three type of contact 1.SLIDE, 2.STICK and 3.FREEZE.I Have applied all three type of contact and i got different result. i have problem to which contact should i apply to simulate torque analysis.please let me know which type of contact should i use.and where should i used all type of contacts. Regards NOOR ALAM
  11. Hi Everyone i am doing a static analysis in optistruct using contact. i have create two contact surface and also assign the contact but i am gating this error. Messages for the job: *** ERROR # 1761 *** Undefined SET # SSID on CONTACT 7. plz help me out what is the meaning of this error. Regards Noor Alam
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