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  1. thank you Ivan. So I had already checked this panel, and it didn't solve my problem.
  2. Hi, my drivers are updated. How can I check if my component is transparent? I use a file given by the professor, so it is a functioning file, without errors. If it is transparent, it's only a problem of my pc. The visualization tab is the tab in the picture that I attached to this message? PS: the same file on Hypermesh 13.0 on my pc, works and appears correctly.
  3. Hi, I have this problem on hypermesh 14.0 student version, Optistruct solver: when I import a geometry and click on the icon "Shaded Geometry and Surface Edges", the lines of geometry changes color, but surfaces don't appear. Same thing appens doing a 2D automesh. I have checked to respect all the system requirements of my PC, just to be sure that it isn't a hardware problem. Now I will try installing 13.0, but I would like to know the problem. Thank you!
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