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  1. Hi everyone am working in Hypermesh(Aerospace) profile, i want to import load from excel which has nodal coordinates(or Element ID) and XYZ component forces . How to do this?? Thanks.
  2. @Prakash Pagadala Hi Prakash , Sorry for the late reply , here is my OUT file opti.out
  3. ' *** ERROR # 789 *** Invalid design properties w.r.t. the design variables were found. number of invalid property items = 5' can u tell me what problem am facing???. There is no zero values in lower bound and upper bound
  4. HI @Prakash Pagadala Here is my file ...Am using Hat section 2.hm
  5. Hi @Prakash Pagadala I modeled my stiffened plate like shell element with offset beam element. Am keeping my plate thickness as constant, i want to change my thickness of stiffener(beam element) but in generic relationship there is no thickness variable. which one i should choose?
  6. Is there any tutorials available for Optimization of stiffened plate. In my case my design variable is size of the stiffener and keeping dimension of the plate as constant. And constraint is, max displacement of the plate should not go 1mm..
  7. How to define a contact between two surface of shell elements in Nastran profile? Which card image i should use? I created slave and master elements using contact surface collector . Am doing linear static and normal mode analysis.
  8. I want to align beam element over shell elements by offsetting, is there any Tcl script for that?
  9. Hello Rahul Sir, How to align beam to connected shell element , am working in Ansys(Aerospace) interface there in Aerospace menu > Beams> Beams from Lines i don't know whether my beam is properly arranged or not but in optistruct it is working fine forum.hm
  10. No, am working in Ansys interface , I can't rotate the Z cross section in ansys interface but we can do in Hyperbeam
  11. How to get 'Z' cross section in Hyperbeam?
  12. How to rotate the cross section of beam (1D element) in Ansys profile?
  13. How to apply both Gravity and pressure in Hypermesh Abaqus interface?
  14. Hi Rahul, I have parabolic dish, after doing static analysis i got deformed value of the parabolic dish, now i want to do surface fitting of the deformed dish. Is it possible to do surface fitting in Hypergraph?
  15. How to find RMS error of a deformed surface? i want to do surface fitting of a deformed surface and to find RMS error with respect to fitted one.
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