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  1. Those scripts are good for 2d mesh but I cannot find anything related with 3D. Please suggest for rigid automation in hm for tetra and hexa meshed part
  2. Dear Sir, Is there any way of applying rigid (rbe2 spider) to all the holes of a component at a time? If I can import node data to python or matlab then I can find all the cylinders and the hole and can apply hole. ( By analyzing the node coordinates and using circle equation to check if they lie in circle or not). Is there any way to import node data to python or matlab to process further or is there any other way?
  3. I want to read the node and element data from an fem file to python. Can I do this?
  4. Should I do optimization after model has passed linear analysis or it can be done from beginning? Bcoz when I am doing from beginning then stress distribution are non uniform and thus its removing too much of material
  5. As shown in the above picture knuckle is attached to dust cover by 4 bolts and to caliper by two bolts. i have only knuckle and not the whole assembly. Should I apply SPC on all these points or it should be left unconstrained?
  6. What s line density diagram on optimization?
  7. Sir I don't have any other component except knuckle so, I cannot define contact so should I apply spc on calliper mounts on knuckle and also on dust cover mount on knuckle?
  8. I am doing a component level analysis where I don't have knuckle assembly. I just have knuckle. I have doubts regarding SPC. Should I apply spc on caliper mounts on knuckle? Also there are four bolt connecting knuckle with the dust cover. Should I constrain those or just constrain the suspension mounts?
  9. i want to know if i am not considering brake torque, should I apply spc on caliper mount on knuckle?
  10. I have tried with volume fraction -0.4 stress upper bound corresponding to fos 3 with objective as minimize mass but the shape after optimization is not proper.I have even tried with draw direction but still its not proper. i want to look for the shape which can be fabricated.
  11. I am not able to decide what design responses I need to take? Should I take displacement or stresses? I am having problem in deciding upper and lower bound of those responses.
  12. I am doing a free free analysis i.e. performing normal mode without any constraints. I have observed that after first 6 rigid modes, model shows deformation. I want to know what causes this deformation? I mean if it is unconstrained then why at all it is deforming
  13. I want to do batchmesh of engine component. Please tell me how to mesh with Rtria? In parameter file Rtria option is not available
  14. I am doing sol111 on a cantilever beam. I have generated output in punch file. results are coming under label mag x trans but as I have applied torsion. it should come under mag -x rot know? Please guide me.
  15. No I have used model analysis for finding out natural frequencies but now for getting displacement time graph I am using MBD
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