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  1. Hi Can anyone explain how this tpl file can be applied to generate similar curves. I am trying to plot curve using mathematical funcitons and export xy data in batch mode. Thanks Karthik
  2. Hi all I am new to hypergraph. I am trying to plot a curve using a math func in hypergraph in command line mode. I understand that I need to create a tcl file and run in hyperworks. This is the content of my file hwi OpenStack hwi GetSessionHandle testsession testsession GetProjectHandle project1 project1 GetPageHandle page1 [project1 GetActivePage] page1 GetWindowHandle window1 [page1 GetActiveWindow] window1 SetClientType "Plot" window1 GetClientHandle testplot testplot AddCurve -label "sine" -mathExprX 0:10:0.1 -mathExprY sin(x) hwi CloseStack However I am not successful in getting the plot. Can anyone pls help me out !!
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