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  1. Hi Udhay and Prakash; Udhay : Thank you for you reply; this solution works for my problems but when I include my HM model in Forge Luncher ; Forge Luncher doesn't mesh the model in 3D. I think my problem can't be resolve with GEOM tools. Prakash : Is good for me; I have succeeded to decrease my model with Hypermorph; latter problems : when I decrease the diameter of my die the cylinder isn't decrease uniformly. I'm starting with a perfect cylinder and finally I have hourglass / double cone :
  2. Mr PAGADALA; When I try to decrase the diameter thanks to Hypermorph>>Morph>>Alter dimensions. I fail to select my domains I don't understand what is the domains !! For use Hypermorph; the die have to be meshing or I can use Hypermorph only with geometry ? I must be successful for this operation because me and my working team are wasting time to decrease the diameter on Solidworks ! And the last question : Were are the tutorials available you mentionned ? Thank you a lot !! J.PRUDHOMME
  3. Hi Udhay and Prakash; Udhay : Where is the ruled option in HyperMesh V13.0 and how I can use this tool in my case ? I'm sorry I'm beginner in hypermesh ! Prakash : I have never used Hypermorph and I don't know how use Hypermorph; in Hypermorph which tool I can use ? morph constraints / morph volumes / morph / morph options / etc ... ? Thank you a lot for you valued assistance ! J.PRUDHOMME
  4. Hi; I'm working on Hypermesh V13.0 and I have to mesh a cylindrical die oncoming from Solidworks ( Save as .STEP AP203). On Hypermesh I want to decrease the external diameter of the die for exemple I want to mesh the die with this different diameter : Ø40 / Ø35 / Ø30 / Ø25. This operation is possible with Solidworks but it's very long lasting because I have to mesh 14 die with four different Ø (--> 56 similary meshing). And for my simulation is better if I have the same meshing on every diameter. My approach for this is : 1st : I import geometry which is step file type : For beginning I import a die Ø40. 2nd : In "GEOM" tool menu I use quick edit for decrease my Ø; for this I use the washer split with an offset value : 2.5 (to have 5mm on the Ø). After I supress the older lines with toggle edge (the older lines are on dotted line). --> And now I fail to mesh my new geometry (with F12 tool menu) When I use (size and bias) : Surf --> Display --> Mesh : The older lines (dotted) are meshing. --> Surf --> By Window --> I select the lines which I want meshing --> The older lines aren't meshing () but I don't have mesh on the new external surface of the die as the die is hollow. --> OK // --> External surface NOK I think my approach for decrease the external diameter isn't good. I think I have to create a new surface but I just create news lines. For your information I don't have the center of my die in hypermesh I hope you understand my problem and you can help me. Jules PRUDHOMME.
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