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  1. While running the optisruct for 2D meshing the following error ooccured. *** ERROR # 9003 *** FORTRAN CLOSE error. Closing file: H:/2d gopesh 6-3-17/6-3-17.out with status=delete. File unit number is 12. FORTRAN/system error is number 46. **** ABORTING RUN DUE TO UNEXPECTED ERROR CONDITION **** ==== End of solver screen output ==== Plz help me with the solving the problem
  2. thank you so much sir for your help. I will surely look into the things you shared; thank you once again .
  3. As I am new to this software please can anyone guide me for complete car crash test with all the assemblies present within the car. Also how to connect each and every component within hypermesh . If possible kindly provide with the link for tutorial videos available . Thank You
  4. i want to analyse the entire suspension system of my prototype with proper joints then how can i add all the spherical , revolute ,etc joints to my components in hypermesh. also how to perform a crash test . tank you for youe time
  5. sir , Thankyou for your reply , but my assembly concists of revolute joints , spherical joints and dampers so in that case how can i connect them . For eg, lets take a heim joint so i can provide dof to the inner ball but how to connect that inner ball to the main body of heim joint i.e the ball to the bolt part? please if you can help Rahul R
  6. How can i mesh an entire assembly with all the joints that are present in the assembly . Also please help me out with how can i input those joints in hypermesh.
  7. How to carry out dynamic analysis of an entire assembly . I want to analyse the entire wheel assembly as a whole and not knuckle and spindle differently with load varying with time .
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