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  1. vikas kenchapur


    HI Jaivin, Incremental outputs of SPCF is not supported for small displacements, please add PARAM,LGDISP,1 to get incremental results of SPCF. I am able to get the curve in HG too, please use the latest version i.e. v2017.2 Thanks Vikas
  2. vikas kenchapur


    You should use HV to plot the results, by splitting the window into two. Please refer to the attached gif
  3. vikas kenchapur

    Modelling FE joints for in Optistruct.

    Hi Skpark, JOINTS are supported for NLSTAT load cases for both small and large displacement problems Thanks, VIkas
  4. vikas kenchapur

    Error #941

    Hi KBE, Do you expect large/finite sliding interactions between the cylinders? If not, please change the TRACK field to SMALL. Also, add the below PARAM card and see if that helps PARAM,EXPERTNL,CNTSTB Thanks Vikas
  5. vikas kenchapur

    Rigid body

    Hi Novak, There is no need to refer any load collectors under LOAD when you have defined enforced displacement through SPC cards. You can combine all the SPC load collectors to one SPCADD card and call this in SPC at load step level. Thanks Vikas
  6. vikas kenchapur


    Hi Novak, Please run the attached file and let us know if this helps Thanks Vikas positioned_final_delete_cof_new.fem positioned_final_delete_cof_new.h3d
  7. vikas kenchapur

    How to apply initial velocity in Optistruct

    Hi Suresh, Coukd you please share me your officially email I’d. We can connect through WebEx and take this forward Thanks, Vikas
  8. vikas kenchapur

    How to apply initial velocity in Optistruct

    Hi Suresh, If you want to carry out a drop test, I would suggest to use RADIOSS which is based on Explicit techniques. In Radioss you can apply initial veloctiy through /INVEL card which is supported through HM Thanks, Vikas
  9. vikas kenchapur

    How to apply initial velocity in Optistruct

    Hi Suresh, What is the solution sequence you are trying to solve? Thanks Vikas
  10. vikas kenchapur

    ERROR # 2782 Optistruct

    Hi, Which version of OptiStruct are you using? could you please attach the .out file? Thanks, Vikas
  11. vikas kenchapur

    Continue one loadcase in another file to save time

    Hi Ruchik, Hope you are doing great. Yes, you can solve the LC1 with Restart files written to this subcase. You can then use these Restart files to run Job 1 to Job 10 by solving for only Load Case 2 in each Job. Thanks Vikas
  12. vikas kenchapur

    Altair Connect

    Hi Girish, I don't see your email to support not sure if it has gone to spam. Could you please send me a test mail at vikas.kenchapur@altair.com Thanks, Vikas
  13. vikas kenchapur

    Altair Connect

    Hi Girish, Please send your official email I’d to with which you have registered in Altair connect to support@india.altair.com. We shall approve the same Thanks, Vikas
  14. Hi Vinit, 1. You can OFFSET the shell thickness on the PSHELL card. Please take a look at Z1, Z2 and ZOFF field on the PSHELL card. 2. Click on the below icon to render 1D beam elements with 3D representation Thanks Vikas
  15. vikas kenchapur

    linear interpolation

    Hi Rossay, Could you please increase the search distance on the pressure panel and check if that helps! Thanks Vikas