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  1. The tcl command *set_meshedgeparams 0 1 0 does not seem to work in HM 2017 however it works just fine in 14. Is there any reason this could be happening and any way to correct it ? I am trying to use *set_meshedgeparams as a precursor command to *hmmeshspline Are any of the above commands deprecated in HM 2017 ? Thanks. Any help is appreciated.
  2. @tinh : This is brilliant! Exactly what I was looking to achieve. Thank you so much
  3. You can select it from the client selection dropdown in HyperView, Although I believe TableView was only introduced in HyperWorks 14.0
  4. Is there a command / option that we can use to enable word wrap in TableView cells. Right now, when a cell has data that is longer than its width, it just shows "..." at the end instead of the actual data when I publish the TableView window to an html file. It shows up correctly when I publish a .ppt but not in an html. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  5. How could we insert an image into TextView using the <img> tag ? I tried adding it to the HTML in the TextView editor, however the image does not show up on Evaluating the text, nor does it throw any error ? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Is there a list of tcl commands that exists for use with TableView ? I was able to find some for the TextView and other HyperWorks modules but could not find any commands for TableView in the HyperWorks Reference Guide on the Knowledge Base ? Thanks.
  7. How could we apply a contour plot to a model using tcl commands ? Such that after doing so when an animation is started, the contour plot appears with it ? I've found commands to SetDataType and SetDataComponent for the contour Handle, however I could not find an apply command for the same. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  8. And how could we write a similar command to publish an HTML or a PDF for a HyperView session using a tcl script ? Thanks
  9. Similar to the ExportHTMLReport command for a session variable in HyperView, is there a corresponding ExportPPTReport tcl command for a HyperView session variable as well ?
  10. What does this size value indicate while creating a constraint for certain nodes in HyperMesh ?
  11. @tinh : That was the problem indeed. I had used hm_blockredraw 1 in my code but had forgotten to set it back to 0. Thank you!
  12. Whenever I finish exporting a SolverDeck from my tcl gui, and then when I close the tcl GUI, the HyperMesh model becomes completely unresponsive in the Graphics Area after that. The rest of the HyperMesh GUI works perfectly, however I am unable to see the actual geometry / model in the Graphics Area for which I exported the SolverDecks, what could be the issue here ? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  13. @tinh : This is brilliant! I did think of binding the message_label text itself whenever it is changed, but wasn't able to find any way to do so. However, I never thought that we could bind it to whenever the width of the message_label is changed. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you !
  14. @tinh : This is really useful. However I have one concern, when I configure the message_label to my textvariable, it stops storing the updated messages that should be displayed when the batch mesher is run, instead if I change my variable's value only then is the text in the message_label changed on the hm window. However, I was able to get the current text in the message_label using, .mainFrame.bottom.message_label cget -text Then again, this only gives me the text that is displayed at the time I use this above line, but doesn't keep updating as the text in the label changes. For example, I want to create a label in my GUI which mirrors the text that is displayed in the message_label always, how could I go about doing that ? Is there a specific variable that stores the variable in message_label which I can then link my own label's textvariable to ? Thanks.
  15. Is there a way to read what updates are being posted on the Status bar when the batch mesher is run on a particular model ? For example I can see various status updates such as "Topology Cleanup : Step 10" and so on, but I want to read those status updates into a variable using a tcl script. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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