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  1. That's what I thought, thank you!
  2. Hi, does Hypermesh use a default damping factor for harmonic analysis if I don't manually set one? I need to compare another frequency response without damping and I need to know if the response obtained with Optistruct has or hasn't damping in it. Thank you
  3. I have no .h3d, only some .rs~ files. I attached both the model and the .stat and .out files. Piastra_libera_ASET.hm Piastra_libera_ASET.out Piastra_libera_ASET.stat
  4. I'm having an issue with Optistruct: when running an Analysis Optistruct seems to finish it giving "Job complete" but opening the .out file you can clearly see that analysis isn't complete. I'll attach both the .out and .stat files Thank you Piastra_libera_ASET.stat Piastra_libera_ASET.out P.S: the issue seems to disappear without the ASET load collector, could that be the cause?
  5. I'm having this error when launching the analisys: "*** ERROR # 1479 *** in the input data: Incorrectly formatted numeric data in field 2. (If it is a character field, it should start with a letter.)" I renumbered the model nodes using a macro. Could it be the cause? I need to renumber them since I'm trying to export the stiffness and mass matrices of the model. I'll attach both the model and the macro. Thank you Matrix.hm Renumber.tcl
  6. Anyone got the columned version of the script? I can't understand the syntax to reorder it. Thank you very much
  7. Since i'd like to model the bolt in 1D without having to mesh it, is using a 1D beam with two compressing loads a good approximation?
  8. Is it possible to set a topology optimization with two draw directions? Alternatively can i use a draw and an extrusion with two different directions? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi, I'm modeling two fastened components in Hypermesh and I'm looking for a way to simulate pretensioned bolts. I've seen there are bolts elements in Hypermesh but i can't understand how to apply a preload. Appreciate your help and suggestions. Thank you in advance.
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