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  1. Hello Nachiket, Looks the contact is not working. Can you please share the _0001.out file. Also please share your official E-mail ID. Regards Prashanth A.R
  2. Hello Mohan, The video in below link, should give you some idea regarding the energy curves. Regards Prashanth A.R
  3. Hello Raman, Can we do a meeting today at 2:00pm...? Please share your official E-Mail ID Regards Prashanth A.R
  4. Dear Raman, Can you please mention from which organization you are....? We may have to do a WebEx to understand the problem clearly. Regards Prashanth A.R
  5. Hi, Implicit Solution is Radioss is more to complement the Explicit Solution. So we suggest to use it only for specific cases like Spring Back or Gravity loading. For other generic Implicit Non-linear cases, it is good to use Optistruct. Regards Prashanth A.R
  6. Hello Guru, If you are just tilting the plot form and expecting the box to roll over, then the initial velocity should not be on the box. It should be only on the plotform and you have to define gravity to box. Defining gravity is simple procedure, you can refer the video link below for the same. Regards Prashanth A.R
  7. Hello Suraj, Can you upload all the 3 .rad files to below link https://ftin.india.altair.com:8443/filedrop/~6kl8U4 Regards Prashanth A.R
  8. Hello Sivasankar It looks you have second order tetra in your model. Take the face of this component convert it into first order and create a separate collector for that and use that for contact. Regards Prashanth A.R
  9. Hello Laxminarayan, You have already put RBODY in the output block, so to see the insertion force you can plot the force on this RBODY in a particular direction using T01 file in HyperGraph. In a similar way for Retention force you have to see the Interface(Contact) force in HyperCrash. Plot Normal Force (NF). Regards Prashanth A.R
  10. Hi Find below the Radioss Full car model. This is a public model. Regards Prashanth A.R TAURUS_A00_0001.zip
  11. Hello Suraj, Good to know this. To capture the spring back effect, you have to run a implicit run followed with the rolling analysis. So you have to have a second engine file in which you should have these springback options. I have attached a sample file here, you can use the same file by changing the file name. As this is a second engine file, file name name should end as _0002.rad. You can restart your run to see the springback effect. In this forum, I have explained the procedure to restart. Please go through Regards Prashanth A.R Run_0002.rad
  12. Hi Procedure to Restart First, while submitting the files for restart, please create a new engine file (may be copy - paste original file) and edit the extension from *_0001.rad to *_0002.rad Next, in the newly created Engine file, you have to edit the number in /RUN, ex. /RUN/Drop_test/1/ will become /RUN/Drop_test/2/ Finally, while submitting the run call new Engine file(*_0002.rad) which you have created use same number of cores what you have used for the first run. Note: During restart you can also change many parameters (If needed) in the engine file like Termination time, Animation Frequency, Time History Frequency, Apply BCs, Apply Loads, Delete Interface/Part/Element etc Regards Prashanth A.R
  13. Hi You can download Radioss Reference manual and User guide from here Regards Prashanth A.R RADIOSS_2017_Reference_Guide.pdf RADIOSS_2017_Tutorials_and_Examples.pdf RADIOSS_2017_User_Guide.pdf
  14. Dear Suraj, Download the model from below link. Loads and BCs should be only on the Master node of RBODY. Don't use StFac in the Contact for this case You are running the model with a high time step which I have reduced. https://ftin.india.altair.com:8443/message/AsTEsVuIsQRyb7aPyfI0Gu Regards Prashanth A.R
  15. Hello Suraj, From the out file I can make out that you have 99% error in the contact from the beginning itself. The suggested parameters for TYPE7 contact are: Istf=4 Igap=2 Fscale_Gap=0.8 INACTI=6 Gap_min=0.1 Fric = 0.1 Iform=2 Make sure you have these parameters Regards Prashanth A.R
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