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  1. Thanks for the answer. The script above works well : I just needed to replace "*inputsimulation "SUB1 - Load " "Von Mises Stress" " with my variable. I am using hypermesh for visualization because it has to be fully automated by the end of April. I can open HV, load my results and run a script but HV does not work the same way as HM (there is no command file). I can't figure out how to plot my results with a script (even with the reference guide and script exchange). My project is to fully automatize the design process : the user only put the input in matlab (e.g. force, geometry), click "Run" and see the results. What I have to do is to create the model (geometry, mesh, force..) and run the analysis. Ideally I would like to display the min and max von mises stress. If you have more information I'll take it !
  2. Hi everyone. We are working on an automated tool to convert user inputs (e.g. geometry, forces) to FEM results. So far I can create the model, mesh it and run optistruct. Yet, i can't display the results­. I tried to work with hyperview but a colleague gave me a sample of one of his previous code to display the results using HM. # Clear all the mark *clearmark all # Import .fem file *feinputwithdata2 "\#optistruct\\optistruct" "C:\Temp\ANALYSE.fem" 0 0 0 0 0 1 8 1 0 # Load results file *analysisfileset "C:\Temp\ANALYSE.res" # Plot Von Mises Stress *inputsimulation "SUB1 - Load " "Von Mises Stress" *contourplot "" 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 "magnitude" 1 0 0 Unfortunately, when I run this script on my model, HM crashes (segmentation error) on the line "*feinputwithdata2 "\#optistruct\\optistruct" "C:\Temp\ANALYSE.fem" 0 0 0 0 0 1 8 1 0" The script works fine by itself and my colleague can't help me. Do you know how to display the results (i.e. plot the VM stress) using HM ? Thank you
  3. Hello everyone, We have to create a fully automated tool that takes the user inputs and solve a defined problem using hypermesh, optistruct and hyperview. I can run hypermesh and optistruct to solve a simple problem yet I can't program anything to display results with hypermesh. I would like to display displacements (i.e. plot them) and capture the graphical area to later import it in the matlab GUI. My understanding is that I have to use the Altair reference guide. My idea is to use the polContourCtrl command. So far I have : hwi OpenStack #Session hwi GetSessionHandle sess #Projet sess GetProjectHandle proj #Page proj GetPageHandle page 1 #Window page GetWindowHandle win 1 #PoiPost win GetClientHandle client #Model client GetModelHandle test 1 #Résultat test GetResultCtrlHandle res #Contour res GetContourCtrlHandle con hwi CloseStack Obviously this does not work. What am I missing ? Thank you.
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