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  1. Hi @Tinh, i was wondering, is there a function to merge two components, given the component names, say tangent to each other. If that were possible, what would be the keywords used? please let me know, Thanks and regards, Arjun
  2. Dear Tinh, Step 1: isolating each component is not a problem as all names are constant and fixed. Step 2: i currently have a macro which allows the user to select 3 nodes around the geometry line, 4 different times, hence the above screenshot. But i want the system to identify the plane passing close to the line. Step 3: Sometimes the line may cross through between 2 elements or so, would it work then? Step 4: What would the functions be for getting close nodes, clear all but that projected node? Thanks in advance for the help and support, Arjun Arasan
  3. Dear all, Please help me figure out a tcl/tk code to generate a macro which would make temporary nodes, along the first mesh it encounters along the geometry line. The blue could be thought of as the initial state and orange as the deformed component. There is a requirement to calculate the thickness after deformation, and no fixed nodes could be allotted as component differs. It is possible to isolate the particular component as the names are known and the remaining could could be masked, and i wanted to know if we could get HM to project a temp node on the first mesh it encounters along the line of the geometry which is fixed for all components. (yellow line) Looking forward to few solutions of this issue. Thanks in advance for the help and support, Arjun Arasan
  4. Dear Tinh, Thank you for the help. could you please explain the logic behind them? { eval *createvector 1 $Vector eval *createplane 1 [join [join $Plane]] } what does it do internally? is it similar to our vector product of 2 vectors specified by 3 nodes co ordinates? It would be of great learning, if explained. Thanks and regards, Arjun Arasan
  5. Hy Tinh, The requirement is to project a node on a user defined plane, whose normals keep changing for different files i wanted to obtain the normal x, normal y, normal z for passing in the parameter for *createplane *createmark nodes 1 7053 set nodeIds [ hm_getmark nodes 1 ] if { ! [ Null nodeIds ] } { set nodeId [ lindex $nodeIds 0 ] set x [ hm_getentityvalue NODES $nodeId "x" 0 ] set y [ hm_getentityvalue NODES $nodeId "y" 0 ] set z [ hm_getentityvalue NODES $nodeId "z" 0 ] } *createmark nodes 1 7099 set nodeIds [ hm_getmark nodes 1 ] if { ! [ Null nodeIds ] } { set nodeId [ lindex $nodeIds 0 ] set xx [ hm_getentityvalue NODES $nodeId "x" 0 ] set yy [ hm_getentityvalue NODES $nodeId "y" 0 ] set zz [ hm_getentityvalue NODES $nodeId "z" 0 ] } set x_vector [ expr { $xx - $x } ] set z_vector [ expr { $zz - $z } ] *createmarkpanel nodes 1 "Select 3 nodes " set NodeList1 [ hm_getmark nodes 1 ] *clearmark nodes 1 set CoordX [hm_getentityvalue NODE $NodeList1 "x" 0] set CoordY [hm_getentityvalue NODE $NodeList1 "y" 0] set CoordZ [hm_getentityvalue NODE $NodeList1 "z" 0] *createmark nodes 1 7099 *duplicatemark nodes 1 28 *createmark nodes 1 550003 *createplane 1 -0.596426819 -1.81399629e-008 0.239601619 $CoordX $CoordY $CoordZ *createvector 1 $x_vector 0 $z_vector *projectmarktoplane nodes 1 1 1 1 I tried the above code, and got an error: 0 0 while executing "*projectmarktoplane nodes 1 1 1 1 " Please suggest me how to proceed ahead. Thanks in advance. Arjun Arasan
  6. Hi George, Thanks for your advice, it did work out. Also, how to specify the vector given 2 nodes, is it by interdependently passing x,y, and z components, or is there any pre defined function for that? Thanks in advance, Arjun
  7. Dear all, Hi, I have the following queries: 1. I want to create temporary nodes using scripting as it's a repetitive task, but each time, the models differ, hence the node numbering is different, therefore how to create a code to identify the last node numbering so it could be assigned automatically and be used in the remaining program? 2. How to script a TCL code to project a duplicate node onto a varying curvature surface, with knowing only it's PartId (as it deforms on impact) and vector is also known? 3. How to close the Input Process manager internally?
  8. Can i Use the same code for HM version 12 too? Is there a code to open file(.inp) location via directories specified by the user? (to take in the directory as a string and pass it on to a pointer to locate it) Also how to enter the contents (node co ordintes, distances, and angle) into a excel sheet, whose directory is given by the user(as it changes time to time)?
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