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  1. Hope this may help animator SetCurrentStep 0 ::post::Draw set meas_id [client_handle AddMeasure "Relative displacement"] client_handle GetMeasureHandle mesr_handle $meas_id mesr_handle SetType "Relative displacement" mesr_handle SetDisplayMode x_comp True mesr_handle SetDisplayMode y_comp False mesr_handle SetDisplayMode z_comp False mesr_handle SetResultSystem -3 mesr_handle SetDisplayMode ID False mesr_handle SetDisplayMode Mag False mesr_handle SetDisplayMode System False mesr_handle SetDisplayMode label False mesr_handle AddNode $legend_max_node_id page_handle SetLayout 3 page_handle GetWindowHandle window2 2 window2 SetClientType "Plot" mesr_handle AddDynamicCurveToPlot 0 "x_comp" window2 mesr_handle AddNode 90009601 mesr_handle AddDynamicCurveToPlot 1 "x_comp" window2 animator Stop
  2. Hi, Is there any command available to attach "note" to the maximum point of the curve. I am able to attach my note at starting point of the curve. But not able to find out the location of maximum point of curve. Please see the picture for more clarification. Thanks Mohammed Abddulla T
  3. Thanks for the reply I got the solution resultHandle GetSimulationLabel sub_id step_no
  4. I need to take deflection of step named "Step, t=2.000000e+00 ". But I don't know which step is that (Step no.). @tinh@Pandurang
  5. Hi, Is there any command available to get the name of steps in Hyperview? I got number of steps by using the command "hwIAnimator GetNumberOfSteps". From this or any other way can I get the step names? Thanks in advance for considering my request. Regards Mohammed
  6. Hi, What is the command for finding hyperview version? Is there any command similar to hm_info in Hyperview? Thanks Mohammed
  7. set vec_id [hm_getmark vector [*createmark vector 1 -1]] You will get the id of last created vector.
  8. @tinh Thanks for the reply. Then how F5 (Mask) option is working? If I select some elements and then click "D" and again comeback to Mask I can see the previous selected elements. Thanks Mohammed
  9. Dear Members, I am trying to mark some elements by the option *createmarkpanel elems 1. But sometimes the elements I wanted to select maybe below a component. If that is the case while manual operation I press the "D" button and hide that component and select below elements . But since I am in an operation of *createmarkpanel I am not able to call hm_calldisplaypanel operation in between . Is there any way to hide component while *createmarkpanel option. Thanks Mohammed
  10. Hi Mahit, *fill_fe_holes command supports from 13 onward. Only you have to do is make little changes on *createstringarray command and try to run.
  11. *createmarkpanel nodes 1 "Select a node on the edge" 4 set nodes_aroundhole [hm_getmark nodes 1] eval *createmark nodes 1 $nodes_aroundhole *createstringarray 4 "Remesh: 1" "AdjacentComp: 2" "CurvedFill: 1" "DefineMaxWidth:0" *fill_fe_holes 1 1 0 1 4
  12. Hi, I wanted to create assembly tree as in hm menu in to new top level window. Is there any API available to get assembly hierarchy as in hm. I tried different APIs but all are showing assemblies in shuffled manner. Kindly help me if any API available. Thanks Mohammed
  13. I need to add some picture over that region to show the user which region has to select. It would be really helpful while selecting the component, showing the area of selection by some picture.
  14. Hi All, Is there any way to edit hypermesh panel area while giving the command *createmarkpanel comps 1 "Select the component". I wanted to add some message over the panel area. The picture is shown below.
  15. Hi All, I would like to know the API to find out the value of specific data type at a node ID in contour plot. Screenshot of the value while doing manually is given bellow. Please help me to find the value through API.
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