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  1. I did the tutorial complete new from the beginning again. I typed the same text. Maybe it was the same problem i had with AcuSolve. If i copy the text from the tutorial, the sign " was not the same one as the one that i type on the keyboard.
  2. I try to do the "MV-1051 - Understanding Sequential Simulation" tutorial with MotionView 2017. It is the second tutorial where i get an error on creating a template. This is what i write in the "Write text to solver input deck: <Constraint_Joint id="5000" type="FIXED" i_marker_id="{the_model.m_slider_track.idstring}" j_marker_id="{the_model.m_1.idstring}" /> The first marker is different from the tutorial because i type a different name. If i use the function bar and evaluate it then i can see that he found the right markers. Where is the problem in my template? This is the error message if i check the model: 1 Error: Syntax error in expression: <Constraint_Joint Templex error evaluating text under The Model-Fixed Joint Defn.. Finished Checking Model Errors were detected in the model. If i try to make the next template in the tutorial i get the same problem.
  3. I am currently writing a scientific report about fatigue analysis for my university. I could not find any sources that tell me what the results says me. You can show "Damage" and "Life" in HyperView. I think Damage is the Miner-sum and Life the cycles the component can stand till failure. Where can i find sources to understand the fatigue results? Yours faithfully, E. Schröder
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