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  1. I tried writing TCL code for this by sequentially selecting outer parallel lines and finding midlines and joining all of them. But I need more robust code
  2. Ya. I know CAD software can do it on fly. but I need to extract in Hypermesh. Its the first step in my analysis and I always gets CAD without midlines.
  3. Attached the sample picture of geometry. I want to write a code to extract the midline of the tube and calculate thickness. greatly appreciate of anyone can help me
  4. I still dont get how you create midlines from a curved solid tube.
  5. I am modeling a mesh based on user defined edge parameters, but it seems *setedgemeshparams is not accepting variable as element density. Can anyone please help me I want the below code to work set el 10 *setedgemeshparams 0 $el 0 0 Thanks
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