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  1. Thank you very much support team!
  2. Hello, is it possible to define a new material in AFDEX? If I have a special purpose material, what is the data required and how can I do it?
  3. Thanks, Support team. It was useful.
  4. Hi Support team, I have one doubt about symmetric function. I have a 90 deg sector of a geometry and use the "Symmetry" option in AFDEX by defining the planes of symmetry. Now in the post-processing, will AFDEX calculate the results for the whole model or only for this sector? Thanks in advance. Vivi
  5. Hi, support team Can I modify the input parameters of the simulation also without using AFDEX?
  6. Hi Renga, I would like to simulate some advanced metal forming processes including processes based on open die forging. Is this posiible with AFDEX?
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