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  1. Hi George, The model which I have sent you was of constant thickness, 36mm. I want to model a parabolic leaf with variable thickness i.e., thickness varies from the centre of leaf to the eye of leaf. How can I model the plies for it. Thanks.
  2. Hi George, Now I am able to see the layers with orientation. In the file you have created Tables for 4 different plies. Can you please tell me how it is created. Also what can I do to make the thickness variable when we move from centre to the end. Thanks.
  3. Hi George, I have checked the .rad file. It is the same file which I have sent you. The file in which I was not able to see the composite layers with orientation. .hm is not compatible with hm14.
  4. Hi George, There is some problem in contacts. Top clamp and axle is not taking contacts with the leaf. In plies, you assigned table and property but in properties, there are 4 plies which are assigned to laminate property. I am not able to understand how the laminates and plies in PROPERTY tab are related to plies and laminate which you created separately.
  5. Hi George, There is an error. Plz check.
  6. Hi George, Actually I am using hm14, but the file you have sent is of 2017 version, it is not compatible. This feature is supported in hm14 or not?
  7. Hii George, In the attached file, I am not able to see the composite layers with fibre orientation.
  8. Hi George, Plz check the model file.
  9. Hi, In radioss, when I use M25_COMPSH for material and TYPE19 for PLY and TYPE 17 for STACK, analysis is running and in results I can see the stress on each ply. there is one option for visualization of composite layers with fibre orientation, it is not working. When I use the method, PROPERTIES___CREATE___PLIES and PROPERTIES___CREATE___LAMINATE, I can see the composite layers with orientation but in this case, there is an error "SHELL ID= **** has null thickness"
  10. Hi, It is not converged even after reducing the load to 50%. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I have changed few things and shared the model and .out file. It is not converged. Please check. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I have shared the model and .out file. Please check. Thanks.
  13. I mean there are no stresses on the toolbox, when I take NLOUT=100 and in input I used Tabled1. The model is converged but nothing on the toolbox.
  14. I am doing nonlinear analysis with contacts (Analysis type: Generic). I have the test data (excel sheet) of 172000 points, displacement vs time. I am applying it using Tabled1. In NLOUT I asked for 100 output, but in the results there is no effect as it is not considering all the data points. Then I tried with 172000 in NLOUT, but it is taking a lot of time to run. Please help me. How can I perform the analysis. I am allpying the load on centre of crossmember of truck chassis and want to get the output on toolbox. Thankyou.
  15. Hello longct and sharmap, Please upload the tcl script for renumbering the nodes used in defining property of composite /PROP/TYPE6 (SOL_ORTH). The file uploaded here is missing. Thankyou.
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