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  1. I have modeled a FLUX-FLUX multi-physics co-simulation e.g. application Steady State AC Magnetic 3D with Transient Thermal 3D, I do not want to use the magneto-thermal coupling application because it has certain 3D thermal problems with. Someone knows how to pass a parameter in the multiphysics environment between the two apps?, specifically I want the TIME variable of transient thermal app accessible into the steady app for change a circuit coupling voltage value,
  2. Hi, what is the difference between Solid conduction region described by surface impedance and Thin surface described by hyperbolic current density?
  3. check the geometry for intersections or something wrong or enter into the 3d modeler and correct-check the geometry. Upload the model and I try to solve It.
  4. use python import e.g. import sys sys.version works for python 2.7 packages, for external don't works for example: Can not execute the following command : import scipy Problem to import the module : scipy Enter sys.path to see if this module is accessible from your jython session
  5. Assign 'Air or vacuum region' to INFINITE region, when you create a infiniteBox Flux create a INFINITE region but not assign the type of region
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