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  1. I have done the surface messing of a model and exported it to the Nastran(Acu Console) file. But when I tried to import it into the AcuConsole it isn't getting imported and showing error message in command prompt as in picture and closes automatically. How can I solve this problem ?
  2. Why my model is considering non design component for optimisation. I've assigned the design and non design properties correctly to both components respectively. ?
  3. How can I speed up the getting result With my computer configuration as follows Model : HP- 15 g009ax RAM : 4GB Processor : AMD A8 quad core Graphic card : AMD 2GB. For first time it took over a night to get the optimisation result even after setting 1000 MB, and 3 cores at a time.
  4. I have shared .Hm, .H3d files to the Dropbox. Please can you check the problem And resolve it.
  5. does this certification can be used in my profiles or resumes ? If yes, then how valuable it is ? Is this certificate is downloadable or is it sent physically to our address ?
  6. I had problem of connectivity in solids of design part and non-design part so I tried to solve it by using face equivalence. And when I solved it for optimisation after 4 hours it gave me results !! And when I checked for the optimisation it was considering the non-design part too for removing material. So how can I resolve these two problems ?
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