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  1. Hi, I' m trying to communicate between two LaunchXL-f28069M boards using SPI interface. At the beginning in order to monitor all the Tx and Rx data with HIL I used a single device where I selected SPIA as Master and SPIB as slave. SPI-New-Mstr.vsm SPI-New-Mstr-d.vsm With the help of example given in solidThinking Embed I developed a model to transmit from Master to slave. However I convert the code to develop Slave to Master transmission and it is not working. These two are develop as two seperate models. (In final model both operations needs to be done in single model) All the files are attached herewith. It will be a great support if any of you can help me to find the solution. SPI-New-Slv.vsm SPI-New-Slv-d.vsm
  2. Dear Girish, Thanks a lot for your input. I figure out the error in my diagram.That is addressing. This explained my mistake clearly. I will proceed base on this and let you know the updates. Also I hope you don't mind if I ask an additional detail apart from this i2C problem. Have you worked on PI controller implementations in Embed software. If so please let me know. I have another trouble there. Thanks again and wish you good luck.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to communicate between two C2000 piccolo boards through i2C protocol. Though the sending end seems working I can't confirm the operation on receiving end. Here what I did was the sending operation run in debug mode while receiving program loaded to other board through flash programming. If anyone can assist me how to figure the correct operation would an immense support. I'm attaching two of my diagrams I used to program the devices. Thanks. i2Crecieve.vsm i2Cwrite.vsm i2Cwrite-d.vsm
  4. Hi, I'm using LaunchXL-F28069 (Piccolo Series) TI dsp board to develop a inverter. Though it is an inverter my primary application is to used it in rectification mode. To do the synchronization with AC grid I'm trying to use a Phase-lock loop. The tentative control structure is based as follows. I read Va, Vb, Vc voltages from grid. Convert them into alpha-beta using Clark transformation. Transformation was developed using fundamentals. The transformation block in SolidThinking Embed contains only two inputs and it doesn't work in my desing due to imbalance voltage.) Alpha-beta convert to DQ0 quantities. To do this I used fundamental equations and I manually developed a PLL as shown in the attached file. To operate in the rectification mode I need to add an additional phase angle to output theta before generate PWM. However when I powered the inverter there is a phase fault occurs. (High current flow from input (AC) and no current in output (DC) ). I think the problem is with PLL. I'm looking for a good reference of PLL development. Therefore I would like to seek any help from anyone who developed this kind of setup. Thanks
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