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  1. Can you tell me if it's possible to make a tcl script, in terms of equations (relation betwen each pair of nodes on face) to automize this?
  2. I have a cube as a model, and i'm trying to apply a boundary condition that it's basicaly a shear force in one of the cube faces. But the particularity of this BC is that i have to define a UNIFORM displacement (every element having the same displacement) on this shear forced face. How can i do that?
  3. I'm modeling a representative volume element that it's basicaly made by a cylinder inserted into a cube. I need to make a spring contact between this two parts, changing the spring stiffness i want to analyse the perfect and the imperfect contact. Anybody has a tip to build this model with spring elements (CBUSH) only in the common nodes between the cylinder and the rest of the cube? Those spring elements need to be at a cylindric system. I have something like this:
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