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  1. @Ganesh Munge Can you show how its penetrating after simulation?
  2. Hi @Prakash Pagadala Thank you for the Update.
  3. HI @Rahul R @Prakash Pagadala Did you find anything for this query?
  4. @Prakash Pagadala Here we get the total of the interface forces but in ASCII format. I need to plot this.
  5. No not grid points but total of those grid points. The contact force will be distributed among the contacting area nodes. I need to eveluate total of those nodes.
  6. @Rahul R Did u get anything regarding i how i could plot the total contact forces?
  7. For "MORIENT: Blank" , it takes default which is open gap i.e. contact interface is open. OVERLAP condition says the slave and master body overlaps.
  8. Hi Rahul Yes it gives total forces but i need to plot it in hyper graph. Is it possible?
  9. Hi All I am trying to evaluate the contact forces for a snap fit problem. Using CONTF i can get the normal grid point forces. Instead of grid points i need to evaluate the total contact force. Is it possible in possible in optistruct? If possible kindly share a work around. Regards NK
  10. Dont mention range of interest and extract using ND (Number of modes to extract).
  11. Its actually not a scale factor thing. If i plot for 0.1 instance it will match.
  12. I think it maybe a bug....plotted using "build Plots", it give correct plots. Regards Nachiket
  13. Hello All I am having a doubt regarding SPCF for NL-Quasi static analysis. I did NL-Quasi static analysis with NLout for which results are attached. I want to point the varying forces in plots in hyperview and hypergraph. For the shown instance of 0.5 load factor you can see forces of 54N whereas same h3d when ploted in Hypergraph is giving me force of 300N. So what am doing wrong here? Is the plot in hypergraph a cumulative plot? Reagards Nachiket
  14. @Pranav Hari Yes, this is rather less time consuming. Thanks
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