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  1. Nachiket Kadu

    Radioss Errors

    @dilip_sdk Try updating the elements and delete all cards and again prepare using default cards in engine assistant. For Updating elements go to>>2D>>elem types>>tick on 2d&3D>>elements (All)>>Update. Delete all cards then go to Tools>>engine files assitant and prepare cards again.
  2. Nachiket Kadu

    Improper Stress output

    @Prakash Pagadala Ok. Thank you for helping out .
  3. Nachiket Kadu

    Improper Stress output

    No, Its in explicit!! Is it possible for a conference call?
  4. Nachiket Kadu

    Improper Stress output

    Hi @Prakash Pagadala No its not possible to share the files. I want to ask does radioss take care of geometric non linearity (Large displacement) automatically or we need to specify some parameter for large displacement analysis?
  5. Nachiket Kadu

    Improper Stress output

    Hi All Can anyone suggest something for this?
  6. Nachiket Kadu

    deformation results in hypermesh radioss

    @prajakta gosavi You can check relative displacement under measure, see if that solve your purpose.
  7. Nachiket Kadu

    Improper Stress output

    Hi @Prakash Pagadala Good Morning I am facing an issue as seen in the avi file attached. As you can see that with certain amount of rotation the elements are getting stressed, even though there are no constraints for that to happen. I did remeshing, tried ismstr=4. The region which is showing stresses actualy should have zero stresses. Kindly give some suggestions. Cant forward the model but we can try a con call if more details are required. stress.avi
  8. Nachiket Kadu


    How did you define your material in LAW2??
  9. Nachiket Kadu

    ERROR 760 using MAT/RIGID

    @Andrea Biffoli Kindly check the element collector is asssigned as parts and proper material and elemental property. Make sure you assign rigids under rbody or none.
  10. Nachiket Kadu

    mass addition RADIOSS

    Hi @Bakr Amine If you could go through the theory of explicit analysis you will find that nodal time step is equal to Sqrt(2M/K). Using this relation if you want the solution to complete faster you would increase the time step, so to counter this increase in time step system adds up mass so as to balance the equation. The amount of added mass should me minimum, in general 2% of mass error is acceptable, the more the increase in mass more will be your solution diverging from real time.
  11. Nachiket Kadu

    Cylindrical BC for RADIOSS

    @Prakash Pagadala Does radioss still dont support assigning BC in cylindrical coordinate?
  12. Nachiket Kadu

    Non-linear modal analysis

    Hi Kathic I already resolved it. Thanks anyways!!
  13. Nachiket Kadu

    Non-linear modal analysis

    Hi @Prakash Pagadala Sorry!! Couldnt see the obvious mistake there. Issue is resolved.
  14. Nachiket Kadu

    Contact analysis

    That gap which you are mentioning you checked distance between those node?
  15. Nachiket Kadu

    Non-linear modal analysis

    Hi @Prakash Pagadala I am trying this but it comes with error "Case Control data LOAD=3 is not referenced by any bulk data relevant for used subcase type." I have attached files for your reference. Kindly help with this.