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  1. yes it is working, but for other outputs like displacement etc do we need to create another output request??
  2. yes, I have tried all file and I found velocity in all the files and it is bit confusing
  3. i have tried to open that file but there is some error message that it is unable to recognize
  4. i have tried this option but there is no output available in post processing
  5. @Deep we are reducing mass of pitman arm so my question is what is the difference between mass and mass fraction, volume and volume fraction??
  6. @Deep I am working on AOC model and I wanted to find out velocity and acceleration. How to find it?
  7. Hello, I am working on some suspension geometry. I have created points and bodies and defined a springdamper and given some property but there are no option for number of turns, free lengths etc.
  8. hello, i didn't find client selector in my software, is there new version feature.
  9. hello, i am new user to hyperworks, i am working on AOC model but in student version I am not able to open motionview, i can open hypermesh only so please help.
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