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  1. Thanks Kamlesh, I have defined mass flux BC at the inlet and pressure at the outlet BC . solution is in progress ,Once it will converge I will let you know. Thanks Rohit Jha Eicher Engine.
  2. Hello Support, My objective is to find the velocity & pressure distribution in water jacket. In term of boundary condition I have inflow mass flux 0.7078 kg/sec & known pressure at inlet is 1 bar. also I have outlet back pressure ( from radiator) 1.4 bar so how can I apply inflow boundary condition both mass flux & pressure. Thanks Rohit Jha Eicher Engine.
  3. Thanks Kamlesh. Regards, Rohit Eicher Engines
  4. Hi Abinash I did not found .fv & .fvreg file in my working dir. there is only .fvx file . Regards, Rohit, Eicher engines
  5. Hi Kamlesh and Team, How can we plot radial and tangential velocity in cylindrical coordinate system ( polar system) in acufieldview? Normally it takes the global system to plot it. Regards, Rohit, Eicher engines
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