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  1. Mahantesh

    Loading at inclined

    Thank u
  2. Mahantesh

    Loading at inclined

    Hello , I am working on the static structural analysis for the automotive door fixture, so there are two conditions of loading one is in stable position and another one when the structure inclined at 30 degree,for second condition i am not getting how to apply load inclined in hyper mesh so pls help me solve this problem, and if apply load same like first and i am getting stress in the range of three digits for mild steel and its wrong, so pls help me to get the solutions Thanks and regards Mahantesh
  3. Mahantesh

    Composite material

    Hello sir, I am working on simple plate by using composite laminate in hyper mesh work bench so i want carryout the analysis for the same plate in optistruct, so i want to know the cards to be assigned before proceeding for the analysis so please help me to solve the problem Thanks and regards Mahantesh Than
  4. Mahantesh

    CFD Analysis of nozzle

    Hello Sir, I am working on CFD analysis of a particular nozzle.... In the case I am getting options to assign all the control cards, But Unable to find option to start analysis in the solver. Application: Engineering Solutions Section: CFD Solver tool : Acusolve Kindly Help me to get the solution Thanks and regards; Mahantesh
  5. Mahantesh

    Reaction forces

    hello sir, i am working on the structure project in hyper mesh and solver is optistruct , i need to find the reaction forces for the columns present in the structure so i need your help for solving this problem and can u please guide me how to carry out the reaction force analysis in optistruct. Thanks and Regards Mahantesh
  6. Mahantesh

    Dynamic analysis

    Hello sir I am working on Scissor lift static analysis and further i need to carry out the dynamic analysis for the same model and how to proceed the dynamic analysis in optistruct solver and what are the control cards i need to assign for the model and please share me if any tutorials regarding scissor lift dynamic transient analysis
  7. Mahantesh


    ERROR # 410 *** Specifying lower bound in EIGRL card may compromise RESVEC quality. Subcase ID 1 EIGRL ID 2. Hi, I am facing above problem for FRF analysis can u pls help me to solve above problem
  8. Mahantesh


    i used unit load on the load collector and assigned DAREA as load type
  9. Mahantesh


    *** ERROR # 387 *** Frequency response load case 1 has all zero loading vectors - check DAREA input data. i am getting above error while solving FRF analysis for Plate, pls help me to solve this error
  10. Mahantesh


    how to open DMIG.pch file while solving compex eigen value modal analysis problem
  11. Mahantesh


    In FRF analysis file was running in optistruct and but in hyper view its not showing graphs
  12. Mahantesh


    i am solving FR F analysis in optistruct and it is showing S DAMPING is missing in bulk data and i am not getting graphs