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  1. How can I perform a thermal analysis of a brake disc in Hyperworks? Guide me through some tutorial if possible.
  2. Checking elements after meshing gives some percentage of element failed then how much percentage is acceptable.
  3. Getting a new component for 2d elements after doing 3d meshing to my geometry. Component having name as ^tmp_2d_for_tetra.1
  4. Hello Sir Still having the problem. Tell me some other path to open visualization bar and shaded geometry and free edges icon.
  5. Is that possible to have the meshing in Hypermesh and analyzing it in ANSYS, if yes how can I import my meshed model through hypermesh to ANSYS.
  6. Hello Sir I have done the same but still having the problem.I couldn't find the hmsettings.tcl and hmmenu.set but deleted .altair folder. Kindly guide through a solution.
  7. After doing this also I am getting the same problem I am attaching the screenshot in which the bar is missing
  8. My second line of toolbar which contain visualization icon with all other icons is missing. I tried the view option but the whole second line is missing. What to do?
  9. Hello Sir Ignore my previous reply as on trying more I got to my conclusion. Thanks to @Prakash Pagadala
  10. Hello Sir I have done both the things you told me but getting the same problem. Tell what to do?
  11. Can you elaborate what do you mean by node connectivity? Guide me through some video if possible.
  12. please find the below attached .fem file. pedal.fem
  13. Hello Getting a problem in analysis, my 3D geometry goes into single plane during analysis.
  14. Hello Sir OK, then tell how can I get a mesh connectivity between elements of different components with different element sizes?
  15. Is it important to have smooth connected lines between different meshed components? What are consequences of not having the connectivity?
  16. Hello Sir Geometry is enclosed one but the thing happening with me is very unusual. The elements created during meshing is not the one which always created during proper meshing, actually they don't have any color they are transparent having a center dot with them. This problem not only occur with my software edition but also with my friends. Tell a solution for this.
  17. Having transparent elements with a dot at its center and also having surface meshing instead of a tetra 3D mesh Can anyone solve the issue?
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