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  1. Hello. I have a basic question. I'm trying to calculate the scattered field using FEKO. I always the dipole using Source tap in FEKO like in Ex1 and its result is good. But I have no idea why there are difference results between source dipole (Ex1) and made electric dipole (Ex2). There have different result and I don't know the reason. Please let me know the reason. Thank you. Ex2.cfx Ex1.cfx
  2. Dear all Hello. I want to scattered field on the uniform (equidistant) points over the surface of 3D sphere. To do this I tried to using near field request. But I can not pick the equidistant points. Is there any solution to handle this issue? OR I am trying to lua script to make it. But it is hard to do it for me.... I upload my lua script file. Please give me advice... MakeNearFiled.lua
  3. Dear all, Hello. I start to study FEKO for studying scattering problem. I want to make the model for GPR-system(bistatic measurement). But I don't know how set up the transreceiver. Could you tell me how can I handle it? Have a nice day.
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