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  1. Hello Akshay, We've a tutorial named "Acoustic analysis of half car model" which focuses on evaluating noise level at some points. Please let us know if you want the same !
  2. OSM

    licence renewal

    Hello Viketh, You can just reapply on http://studentedition.altair.com/ After that, please check your spam folder/inbox for self-approval mailer.
  3. Hello Naveen, Please try to delete the duplicates generated by following the procedure mentioned below- 1. Tools > edges > elements (displayed) > preview equivance 2. Check elements > duplicates > save failed 3. Delete > elements > retrieve Try to import the model once so that duplicates will be avoided.
  4. In Boundary selection panel, you'll find 2 options named, I. With BL (Fixed)- Selection of components on which you want boundary layers on ! II. W/o BL (Float)- Selection of components without boundary layer In advanced selection sub panel, "remeshing" option is also available.
  5. In CFD Tetramesh panel, You'll find many sub-options which will help you out in getting those. Please check gif to explore option.
  6. Yes.... It is possible. Just user profile selected should be "AcuSolve"
  7. Hello Abhilash, Please mail us on "edu-support@india.altair.com", I'll mail you the procedure how to check out the forces.
  8. Hello Rossay, Please follow the video given below. ScreenCapture_2017-10-10_11_04_49.mp4
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