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  1. Hi George P Johnson, this is the solution of my problems. Thank you very much Best Regards, Johannes Lauer
  2. Hi, Unfortunately, I have another question I did the tutorial, but the coordinate systems do not move with the dummy. Are these colored coordinate systems important for the simulation or what do these systems tell me? Best Regards, J.Lauer
  3. Hi it has worked with the second solution:) thank you very much regards J.Lauer
  4. Hi As part of my thesis at the University, i am working with a simulation dummy from LSTC. I also looked at the tutorial on the positioning of dummies (HM-4640 Dummy Positioning), but unfortunately I could not find this dummy panel on the analysis page. Does this feature require an extension of the license or do I have to make some presets in HyperMesh? Best regards, J.Lauer
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