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  1. Here is my model, with conformal cooling channels. The inner surface has a initial condition of 250 C and the outer wall has initial condition of 60 C. Need help in providing two different temperature boundary condition which should be zero convection (adiabatic). Thanks
  2. Hi ydigit. Thanks for your response. Yes it is a transient analysis. As you can see in the below picture I have 2 different temperature profile 250 C and 60 C. 0 I'm trying to write script as shown below to specify different temperature to different surface but it is throwing me error. Any help in writing the script is much appreciated . Thanks
  3. Hi everyone. I have a quick question regarding the boundary condition in acusolve heat transfer. This is a transient simulation. Attached is the boundary condition for heat transfer from acusolve I would like to see the efficiency of the cooling channels but when performing the simulation the temperature in the inlet wall is maintaining at 250 C. Is there some way in acusolve to provide that temperature as an initial condition, which means the temperature should not maintain at 250 C throughout the simulation. As you can see in the below picture the temperature is maintained at 250 C throughout the simulation. I just want it to be an initial condition. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi acupro I Have a similar problem as you mentioned above. I want to perform a thermal analysis where I expect/want the temperatures to change as part of the analysis. My boundary condition is Surface >Simple BC > Temperature BC Type > Value > 250 C From the below picture it seems that the temperature is constant in the face throughout the simulation and it is not changing.
  5. Hi Ravi We are actually trying to create a file format which is supported for Virtual Reality of Augmented Reality to see the results.
  6. Hi all, thanks in advance I'm looking to export an animation file from Acu-console to MAYA/Blender supported formats. Is anyone there to help. Thanks
  7. Hi all. What will the material card for ACRYLITE Polymer in RADIOSS. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi guys good morning I have attached a .fem file for a frequency response analysis. No error in the analysis and no results are generating. I don't know what is the issue. Can someone guide me regarding this so that I can be able to fix it. Thanks in advance new_project_(3).zip
  9. Hi George Yes model is in meter and modulus is in pascal
  10. Hi George. I have completely done what ever you mention I'm still facing some problems.The main problem in this analysis is the contact. I have shared the deck and output file for your reference. Thanks in advance please do give me some suggestions. Thanks rev 3_0001.rad rev 3_0000.rad rev 3_0000.out
  11. Hi George I followed the instructions but for some reason the rubber is not stretching. I have attached the deck for your reference. Thanks 1212_0000.rad 1212_0001.rad
  12. Hi George I did the way you told be. It's working but the rubber is passing smoothly (overlapping) the bottom sheet metal. Any suggestion thanks in advance... I also attached the radioss deck for your reference... 1232_0000.rad 1232_0001.rad
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