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  1. Hi ydigit. Thanks for your response.

    Yes it is a transient analysis.


    As you can see in the below picture I have 2 different temperature profile 250 C and 60 C.



    I'm trying to write script as shown below to specify different temperature to different surface but it is throwing me error.


    Any help in writing the script is much appreciated .





  2. Hi everyone. I have a quick question regarding the boundary condition in acusolve heat transfer.


    This is a transient simulation. Attached is the boundary condition for heat transfer from acusolve


    I would like to see the efficiency of the cooling channels but when performing the simulation the temperature in the inlet wall is maintaining at 250 C. Is there some way in acusolve to provide that temperature as an initial condition, which means the temperature should not maintain at 250 C throughout the simulation.



    As you can see in the below picture the temperature is maintained at 250 C throughout the simulation. I just want it to be an initial condition.


    Thanks in advance


  3. Hi acupro I Have a similar problem as you mentioned above. I  want to perform a thermal analysis where I expect/want the temperatures to change as part of the analysis. 

    My boundary condition is Surface >Simple BC > Temperature BC Type > Value > 250 C

    From the below picture it seems that the temperature is constant in the face throughout the simulation and it is not changing.


  4. Hi George

    Finally done with the clip


    I have attached a running board linear static analysis.

    I’m getting a deflection of about 0.0053mm deflection. But in real scenario they are experiencing 1 to 5mm deflection.

    Instead of applying load on REB3 if I applied load as a point load (single point in the middle of 200 x 80 mm) I’m getting deflection of 3mm.

    So what should I do here? Should I use REB3 or point load for a cross section of 200 X 80 mm



  5. Hi George


    It worked thanks again.


    I have attached the deck with the hyper graph


    For the calculation of removal force I know that I  have to choose a peak value close to the release. I also need to look at animation H3D file as well to get the corresponding time of exact removal  to get the value.


    My question is about the unit systems can you please refer to my file and let me know my removal force with units if possible and can you also tell me that my analysis is correct or not?






  6. Hi George


    When I'm trying to run the analysis for a similar kind of set up with slight design changes, the analysis is not running till the end it throws up some error as I attached below.

    I tried to increase the Gap-min but still the error exists any suggestion or any changes. I have also attached the new design file for your reference.




    Thanks in advance



  7. Hi guys good morning


    I have attached two solver deck which has similar set up similar elements count almost same except updated stress strain curve and small design changes.


    For the first deck the analysis time is very less when compared to the other which is running for days.


    Can someone guide me regarding this so that I can be able to fix it.


    Thanks in advance




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