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  1. @Karthic solving in optistruct for nonlinear buckling will automatically using radioss Fatigue_PDF.zip Vim.7z
  2. Hi All, What is difference between Dynamic and transient analysis Thankyou
  3. Hi @Rahul R, I tried trial1 run(write) file having global case control cntnlsub set to yes But facing same error The restart model is inconsistent with the original one. Please compare the two input deck
  4. Thank you @Rahul R, let me try
  5. Hi @Rahul R, Any update on how to resolve the error
  6. Hi @Rahul R, Same error persists *** ERROR # 4761 *** The restart model is inconsistent with the original one. Please compare the two input decks. *** PROGRAM STOPPED: FATAL ERROR(s) ENCOUNTERED.
  7. Hi @Rahul R, Dropped files @https://ftam1.altair.com/filedrop/rahul.rajan@altair.com
  8. Hi @Rahul R, I tried using RESTARTRW and RESTARTR control cards Help me resolve the error please
  9. Hi @Rahul R, No pretension in model..
  10. Hi , I am trying to restart from the end of a successful nonlinear analysis and append new nonlinear subcase with CNTNLSUB. I have included a new nonlinear subcase to the restart file, While doing so A fatal error has occurred during computations: *** ERROR # 4761 *** The restart model is inconsistent with the original one. Please compare the two input decks. Please help me to restart. Thankyou
  11. Hi @Rahul R Thank you for quick support Not yet tried with 2018.0.1, we are right now using 2017.2.2 Shared the file to your dropbox
  12. Hi Support, I am doing Non-linear Quasi static Analysis of snap fit. Facing error MUMPS solver encountered error with code -90. please contact support and provide .out and .stat files Please help me to resolve Cradle snap-uneven- 0.2 offset.out Cradle snap-uneven- 0.2 offset.stat
  13. Hi @Prakash Pagadala Please reply to this post
  14. Hi Prakash, Thank you for quick reply, In case of NLGEOM using CORD3R (local coordinate) i can apply follower load. Is it possible in NLGEOM to apply enforced displacement that can act like follower displacement?
  15. Hi All, Is it possible to give enforced displacement as follower load ?
  16. Hi @Prakash Pagadala, I need to optimize my frame structure. the frame experience transient loads during running. Just for the information i asked about fatigue.
  17. Thankyou @Prakash Pagadala, is it possible to perform fatigue optimization
  18. Hi All, Is it possible to perform topology optimization based on the response from transient analysis. If so, for stress response what should be the Response Type? Thankyou N.K
  19. Karthic


    Hi @Prakash Pagadala, Structural damping is PARAM,G How to give viscous damping and material damping ?
  20. Karthic


    Hi @Prakash Pagadala My impeller operating medium is air, What damping i need to consider for FRF. structural damping, material/hysteresis damping, Rayleigh damping , viscous damping ? Please put up me with some idea how to consider damping
  21. Karthic


    Thank you Prakash,
  22. Karthic


    Thank you Prakash, Should i use both or either one of it? If possible share me related tutorial using RFORCE and rotational velocity or acceleration on RLOAD card around the preferred axis.
  23. Karthic


    Hi All, Please Help with the answers for frequency response analysis of impeller assembly. In the image you can see that impeller is directly coupled to the motor. Motor is fixed to the sheet metal structure in green. The edges of sheet metal bolted to main frame. 1. My doubt is how to do the FRF for rotating structures ? 2. Generally we apply unit force as excitation for a range of frequency in case of structures, what about rotating structures ? 3. How to specify the excitation for rotating structure? 4. Is it possible to give rotary excitation ? 5. what should be my excitation location and response location ?
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