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  1. Hi all, i have a problem and really need to be helped. I am practicing with HyperMesh and trying to export to fluent. I wonder what if I just export mesh file of an airplane to fluent, and use fluent to build wind tunnel, because build win tunnels with hypermesh is really tough for me. Also, please help/guide me to build Wind tunnels in hypermesh for any airplane, I use the example came with tutorial but no success (follow step by step in tutorial). I would like to know how to build a wind tunnels and complete the export file to fluent. Best regards.
  2. Sorry for the post, i was asking for a help but fixed it already, but dont know how to delete my post.
  3. the folder doesnt contain vwtAnalysis.MeshSim.txt
  4. Hi; i am trying to solve problem with Virtual Wind Tunnel but always get stuck at 0.02% even though i did check carefully for error. Here is my file for very simple case, but still stuck at 0.02%. Please help!!! Best regrads ball.stmod ball.nas ball.hm
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