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  1. Thank you very much! That "D" Option +graphics area was exactly what I was looking for! "By collector" is a little too much point and click.
  2. Hello, I would like to mask entire components in order to get insight into the underlying structures of my model. I have the desired Option in the "Delete" menu (F2). If I press the downarrow button I can select "comp". This is not possible however in the "Mask" menu (F5). Any suggestions how to do this in an easy way? Greetings Niclas
  3. Hello, when I tried to Show all of the components of my model using the "Display All" Icon, a LoadCurve Diagram popped up in the upper left Corner of the graphics area. So far I'm unable to hide it..there's probably a simple shortcut or icon for this? Greetings Nicals
  4. Hello, I have created a rectangle made from Shell Elements. Now I want to create 3D Elements from These surfaces by the "Drag along Line" Panel. However, first I need a line of course to drag the elements along. I have created a rectangular surface before, made from 4 Lines. My Question: Is it possible to create a new line, that is perpendicular to the existing lines that make up my rectangle? (comparison to screenshot, edited with MS Paint) Greetings Niclas
  5. Alright basically it works using this Icon from the toolbar George P Johnson suggested.
  6. Thanks for all your answers. This was very helpful! Is it possible to change the Default Location, where the image is saved using Ctrl+F6?
  7. Hello, I want to make a screenshot of my current view on the model in Hypermesh, preferably with a white Background. So far I found no Information on that online or on the Altair websites. Any ideas? I would like to make some changes to my model and take one screenshot after another, documenting the changes. So working with Hyperview instead is not really an option for me. Greetings Niclas
  8. Thanks for your answers! I will try simlab then, if I really don't get any further with Hypermesh. Otherwise I will let you know. To get back to my main problem, maybe there's another way to solve it.. For my problem, imagine a larger solid SPHERE ("A"), from which I want to cut out a smaller solid CUBE ("B"). My main problem was, that I wanted to substract one solid from another. (geom>solid edit>boolean A-B) and afterwards mesh component "A", while leaving out empty space for the "B"-Solid obviously. The Solid "B" was created from a Surface, which I created from FE-entities using Tools>Faces. When I tried to mesh the "A"-Component, Hypermesh didn't leave out the "B" components during meshing. Although the substracted solid "B" is shown within solid "A", as usual if you use the boolean function. However, when I substracted a different Solid "C" (let's say a donut-shape) from "A", it worked... "C" was basically created in the same way as "B", as described above. So there must be an issue with my entire component or solid "B", which makes it somehow impossible to properly substract it from "A" using "boolean A-B". Any ideas what this issue might be?
  9. So this might solve the issue regarding the error "Source should be plot or shell element only." right? But not my main problem regarding the boolean function to substract one 3D-component from another..?
  10. Hi @tinh, thanks for your Reply. Unfortunately I didn't get any further with your solution so far, as I still get an error during "mesh edit" as before. Also I can't find the edit facing elements option. Can you tell me where to find it?
  11. Is there something similar for 3D? When I'm trying to use 2D>mesh edit Option for the element of my two compounds, I get an error saying: "Source should be plot or shell element only." Can I convert my comps into these kind of elements somehow?
  12. Is there a script or tutorial on how to use TCL macro? Never worked with it before in Hypermesh. I would need to use TCL Script for this right?
  13. Hello, I'm working with a model that contains 2 components. 1. Comp contains surfaces, solids and elements 2. Comp contains lines, surfaces and Elements. A solid can not be created from the surfaces. I used another way though to create Tetraeder Elements to fill the volume contained by the surfaces. The 2nd component is placed within the 1st component. Now I want to cut out the space of the 1st comp, so that the 2nd comp fits in without having the elements of both components overlap. Basically I want to use a boolean function for elements, like the "solid edit>boolean>A-B (del B )" function for solids. But as I can't create a solid from the surfaces of the 2nd comp. I need to go another way than the traditional boolean. Is there something like boolean for elements? Kind regards, Niclas_emi
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