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  1. Thank you so much for your extended help. It will be great if you could extend your development to meet our requirements. Kindly let me know if you need any inputs.
  2. Thank you for your suggestion Mr. Dai. We are yet to start working on TCL/TK scripting. Will certainly take out these types of challenges once we are equipped with those skills. However, this option is going to be useful for many users. So, a release with this integration is there from Altair.
  3. Hi Premanand, Thank you for sharing this option. But this option is not the one what we are looking for. This is confined to ONLY COMPONENTS and no option to the selected Solver format too. But here my requirement is for any entity (Component/Property/Material/Set/Coordinate System etc. Different entities as per the attached picture except Include files). One should find Export option after Right click on any of these entities. Export option is only available for Include Files which we use frequently. I hope, my requirement is clear. Thank you again.
  4. Hi Premanand, Thank you so much for your quick reply & support. Looking forward for this option very soon.
  5. Its been working using HM since long long ago. We are looking for an option to export any entity directly from the tree. Right now, we are using the option to proceed from the Export function tab and using Custom entities. But always it is cumbersome activity. In order to export one entity (sets/contacts/any other entity), there should be an option to directly right click on that particular entity like other currently available options (isolate, show, hide etc). This will be very useful for many of the users. ANSA is having this option and people are gaining benefit using this option and I'm one of them. I hope my request is clear. Kindly let me know if something is not clear. Thank you.
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