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  1. Hi all, In Hyperview, what is the difference between strain(t) , plastic strain(s) andstrain along thickness(s) in RADIOSS model? I have material elongation as fail threshold. Which result type should i use? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi all, I am using Radioss and i want to see forces is applied on bolts by creating time history on spring. I created pretensioner spring for a bolt. But ın Hypergraph, forces on bolts occurs very large. What is the reason of this very large force ? Is there any way to see forces on bolts?
  3. Hi Sanjay, When i apply this model as bolt, there will not take place different results between usage of hole and usage of slot. I want to find out differencies between usage of hole and usage of slot. Is there any video or solution for this issue ?
  4. Hi all, Is there any way to model bolts apart from rigid to measure forces on bolt? Could you please share a model or video ? Thanks
  5. And even if i create solid circle section for my beam , the section type transforms generic section automatically when i import the model again. Why it happens always ?
  6. Hi all, Is there any possibility to create beam2n in Radios? Because there is beam3n at everywhere and when i use beam3n in my model, beam element aligned error occurs. What should i do to solve this poblem ? Thanks in advance.
  7. is this /FAIL/TAB1 available for RADIOSS 13? and is there any example to create this fail model ?
  8. Hi all, What is meaning of Gismo used in LS-Dyna ? What is equivalent of the Gismo in Radioss ? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi everyone, How can i get the squareroot curve of the two curves in Hypergraph ? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi all, How can i sum 2 curves to get 1 curve in HyperGraph ?
  11. Hi Rahul, Even if orientation of the bolt changes, is y and z always shear force ?
  12. Hi everyone, How can i see the shear forces on the spring used as a bolt in my model ? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi, I have run this model both with foam and without foam. ı have seen negative internal energy just in model with foam. and i want learn that negative internal energy on foam is important problem or not ?
  14. Well, is negative internal energy serios problem ?
  15. Hi everyone, I have found 500 joule negative internal energy in my model. Is it serious problem for my result accuracy ? Note : My model consists of foam and metals Thanks in advance.
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