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  1. Linear Stiffness(K1, K2 & K3) unit is N\mm or N\m?
  2. I want to capture the animation for crash simulation with crash and IE side by side. While playing the animation, I am able to see the marker but when I goes to capture animation in any format (eg. .avi), animation I get not shows the marker progressive position. Please help us with the same.
  3. I am also facing Error 760 while simulation. model check list is as below.
  4. No User

    ERROR ID:760

    Hi George, I am doing simulation with full vehicle model. Is there any method to checkout the above checks on fast track.
  5. Error resolved. Small mistake did in part naming only.
  6. Thank you george. Sharing the full model is not possible for me. But I can share the part of model just with material and Properties.
  7. I am also facing somewhat same issue. ERROR ID : 55 ** ERROR IN INPUT FORMAT DESCRIPTION : -- OPTION : PART -- BLOCK : /PART/824 -- LINE : mm .. 3D SOLID ELEMENTS ** ERROR TRAPPED : REPORT TO LISTING FILE ERROR ID : 760 ==== End of solver screen output ==== ==== Job completed ==== The part 824 is shell meshed part and properties I assigned are also shell properties. Run01_0000.out
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