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  1. Hello everyone, I want to simulate heat pipes used in pcbs for heat transfer. But I have no idea whether this feature of condensation and evaporation is available in acusolve or not. Please help. regards, Tutulika
  2. Hello ydigit warm greetings, No file with extension .arm is formed. I have got files with extension .ams, .cnf, .sdm my system configuration is 64gb RAM Please suggest some other solution if possible. regards.
  3. Hello ydigit, I have tried using separate internal surfaces. When I tried creating mesh ... Acutail is displaying total no of elements formed But as soon as process is over it's giving a msg " error in generating mesh". Please refer the pic for the elements formation. But still I am not getting the 3D mesht
  4. Hello , warm greetings. actually I need to check heat flux between two solids. In acusolve I checked the separate internal surfaces button, so I got two surfaces , but instead of shifting each to respective volumes I kept them as it is and in BC gave all these surfaces as wall with flux condition. have I done something wrong?
  5. Hello , warm greetings. thank you ydigit for the answer. This time I have proceeded without using thermal shells. By using separate internal surfaces option in acusolve. Then separating the surface of fin in touch with fluid to fluid wall and other surface in solid part. I will take up this analysis again by using thermal shells. Ragards.
  6. Hello all, in the analysis of cold plate . I have fins inside the fluid domain and outside the cold plate. If inside and outside fins are treated as thermal shells in acusolve then in hypermesh the elements of fins will be in which collector: fluid collector or coldplate solid collector? As in pic you can see the placement of inside fins and outside fins. Please help.
  7. Hello all, warm greetings I have a query regarding the shared surface that is needed to be created for the heat sources within control volume. In my analysis, I have a heat source which is mounted on a frame at some distance from cold plate. The control volume has a fan for circulation of air. My query is :do I have to create shared surfaces of heat source with bracket also? As this bracket is further mounted on cold plate.
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