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  1. Hi, I want to know about the leakage problem solution in optistruct. And the method to follow. Regards, Rajendra
  2. Hello, If in place of displacement, I want to apply velocity, acceleration, force, etc. Then what is the procedure? Regards Rajendra
  3. Hy, I want to know from where we should provide the displacement value, is it in SPCD only with different direction or in some other load type constraint. Regards, Rajendra
  4. Hello, Please specify the setup for imposed displacement calculation in Optistruct. Regards, raj
  5. Hello, In acufield view, is it not possible to "ON or OFF" many volume at single time. Every time I have to select single volume and make it OFF or ON. And in my product, there are nearlly 150 volume, which is taking huge time to ON or OFF. Please help. Regards Rajendra Borgwarner
  6. Hello, I want to show contour of temperature in such a way that. Temperature above certain specific limit should be transparent. Ex: If a component showing Temperature max & min is 300"C & 90"C. The contour is set from 100" to 90"C. So, temp above 90"C will show red in colour. But in place of red, I want transparent (Invisible or white). Simply I want to edit contour. And I don't know the procedure
  7. Hello Onkar, I want to open this file using Acu probe tool not as picture format (JPG or PNP format)
  8. Hello, Is it possible to save acuprobe after solve simillarly as result file we can save in .fv file format. Is there any format for acu probe to save after solve??
  9. Hello, What is Nodal initial condition (Dissipation rate value & kinetic value) for Realizable K-epsilon modal? Regards Rajendra Prasad Borg warner
  10. Where I can check the 512 mark is reached? How to check the Surface ourput reached 512 mark?
  11. Will you please send the .log & .inp file. And on which type of product you are working?
  12. Hello, I am getting an error while Pre solving in Acusolve. I am getting error i.e. acuPrep: *** ASSERTION in Function <iopGetFileLineCnt> File <iopFile.c> Line <1368> acuPrep: *** unable to open file <MESH.DIR/MM_2.5L_BS6_TempEff_220518_T1.ExhtGas_ShapedTube_6.tet4.Face_ExhtGas4_Side0.tri3.ebc>; Too many open files acuRun: *** ERROR: error occurred executing acuPrep Can any one tell me why this error is coming & how to sovle it. I have attached .log & .inp file. Please find it. MM_2.5L_BS6_TempEff_220518_T1.1.Log MM_2.5L_BS6_TempEff_220518_T1.inp
  13. Hello, I am doing FRF. I want to plot Stress vs frequency plot in hypergraph. But result for nodes above 10000 is not showing. Please help me. Regards Rajendra
  14. Hello, Modal analysis solve is taking huge time. My solve is running out of core. And it is taking lot of time. Please find below attached pic. Force_Motor_CD_CAE_31_Modal_T6.out
  15. Hello, I am working on automobile component i.e. EGR coolar. Here task is to Cool hot gas emitting out from engine and to send back to engine by using coolar i.e. ethylene glycol. EGR coolar has two fluid gas(hot air) & coolant(Ethylene glycol). Each fluid passing from 1 side. It may be parrallel or counter flow. I am getting inputs from customer like this, I am showing you 2 case as follows: CASE 1: Coolant flowing at 90"C @ 1200l/hr @ 2.5Bar-gauge Exhaust Gas at 450"C @ 150Kg/hr @ 2Bar-gauge CASE 2: Coolant flowing at 90"C @ 1200l/hr @ 2.5Bar-absolute Exhaust Gas at 450"C @ 150Kg/hr @ 2Bar-absolute Hence some time I am getting input value of pressure in bar or absolute. I am giving BC like this: At inlet I am defining pressure and temperature and at outlet negative flow I am giving. But I am not understanding how to value of pressure in gauge and absolute? Regards Rajendra BorgWarner Emissions System
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